Misty conditions riding for a newb

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    Feb 12, 2013
    Sorry for the lack of update. I made it home no problem, though it was a bit puckier than normal.

    I think it was interesting I kept naturally tending to move to the center of the lane but had to fight that, I think the reason that the center appears to be a higher crown. But I had to fight that and instead take the potentially puddled left wheel groove to avoid oil drips and other slicks in the center.

    Not sure I am ready for full on rain, but I'll not be afraid of misty days and light drissel

    Thanks friends.
  2. duffs

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    Jan 28, 2012
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    Proper rain is preferable to mist - there is enough water on your visor for the airflow to push it off, even more so if you have a peak (enduro style helmet) which creates something of a vortex around the visor area pushing off even more water. And enough water to clean foreign substances off the road surface. With a safe amount of tread, motorcycles won't typically aquaplane/hydroplane because the tyres have a round profile (unlike the squared off profile of car tyres) which cuts through standing water more effectively. I did 400 miles across northern Europe last year in one of the worst rainstorms I can remember with no near misses, although the crosswinds coming off the North Sea in Belgium was off-putting since it was strong enough to nearly push me into the next lane.
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    I stupidly got into a hydroplaning situation in Florida once. Running along at 90 with a group of cars and hit heavy rain about the same time as I came up on a semi. Changed lanes to go around him and got squirrely, but had to stay on it because of fast movers behind me. I was plenty ready to change lanes and slow down once I cleared the truck.
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    in misty conditions i find that water may build up on the visor that will blow away if you turn your head to the side a little..