Mobile browsers - embedded videos not showing

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    OK, I know Google/YouTube is no longer "browser agnostic", which is a pain for certain mobile devices. Where it shows up here is when someone embeds a video from YouTube in a post. All we see is a black box with the following:

    The Adobe Flash Player or an HTML5 supported browser is required for video playback.
    Get the latest Flash Player
    Learn more about upgrading to an HTML5 browser

    Even though the mobile browser is HTML5 compliant, its Google/YouTube not being nice :ddog

    So... something that site admins could do, to make things a little nicer for those of us using non-Android mobile devices is to setup vBulletin to put the link to video on YouTube above the embedded video. Which, oddly enough, will send the browser to the appropriate page that CAN be played on a mobile device.

    The only reason I know this, is that I subscribe to other vBulletin forums which have flipped a bit to do this.

    If the site admins could do this here, it would make some of our lives a bit nicer. Thanks!