Modified MC Lift for Center Stand Bikes

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    I have had my Pro-Kar lift for several years. Pro-Kar makes a Handy-Lift copy...if you will. My previous bikes did not have a center stand so I used the front tire vise. This was always a PITA. A delicate balancing act to center the bike, balance it while tightening the vise. Fast forward a couple years and I get a Honda GL1800 Goldwing with a center stand. I decided that it was usually easier to just center stand the bike on the garage floor than using the lift, but crawling around on the floor was defeating the purpose of having a lift.

    So one day...BRAIN STORM...I made this out of scrap steel I had laying around. The platform is a steel box cover from a Powell tobacco bulk barn. I made the frame from 1 inch tubing. It is fairly substantial on the underside of the platform. I have a bad habit of over-engineering things as I did with this. You could probable drive a Mack truck on this thing and it wouldn't give way.

    I took off the tire vise. Just ride the bike onto the lift as normal. Drive out a few more inches than usual. Side stand the bike. Hop off and then center stand as normal. Nice and quick. This extension allows the bike to get into the center of the lift for adequate balance. It even makes the bike more stable when the lift is extended. Plus allows for the rear wheel to clear and adds a couple inches of underneath clearance.

    I added a couple "feet" so when the lift is down these feet contact the floor and take the weight of the front of the bike. I just bolted the extension to the front of the lift in the same bolt holes that are used for the tire stop. Added the tire stop to the extension. Once the bike is on the center stand there is no weight on the extension.