Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia

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    OK, thanks. I guess then I'll try to make my one and only visit to Serbia before going to Kosovo!
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    Subscribed to the thread... as Im contemplating my real first big trip around europe...
    Im sketching something looking like this (departing/back to Toulouse):

    not sure I ll want to go to hungary and northern serbia... I ll probably be better off going to montenegro/bosnia and along the coast in croatia?

    I ll probably go with the Buell?
    So probably not dual sporting (although a dry gravel road is doable).
    Unless I get to buy an old 400 DRz :)
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    I had road tirps to Greece, Macedonia and Bosnia Hercegovina.
    Balkans are great place to be. Wonderfull nature, great food and drinks, and of course great people.
    The best part is to wonder into a town and park in front of coffee house for a cay or kahve and strike a conversation with people.

    The sceneray and mountain roads are great. On my way back from Üsküp (skopje) to Greece I have seen so many tracks by the old rail roads I wish I had few ore days. Also the torrential rain did not help. Well next time.
    Mr Popples if I were you I would go there with any type of enduro bikes but the buell. Don'y get me wrong. On the asphalt road buell would be ok. But those trails mountain roads are what the trip is about.
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