More Riders Into The Sport

Discussion in 'Racing' started by dualsportride, Jan 22, 2013.

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    As everyone has seen more and more teams are shutting down or pulling out of regions. I feel the best way to bring more riders into the sport which would increase the dollars in the sport is by getting more riders involved. My suggestion is clubs/tracks need to have a way a member or staff can help a person that is wanting to get into the sport by having a bike they can ride and gear to wear. I'm not saying a brand new bike and top of the line gear like gear donated, and a few thousand dollar bike, so that person can see if they like the sport before they make the huge investment it takes to get into it. I know I started riding at 25 because my father-in-law had an extra bike that he took me out on. If it wan't for someone offering me the opportunity I would have never dumped all the money I have into the sport which helps companies support teams and promote the sport. I want to hear other suggestions on how to increase money and riders into the sport we all love.
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