Moscow WSBK in 2013

Discussion in 'Racing' started by OSJ, Jan 25, 2013.

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    Dec 16, 2005
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    Looks like I will be traveling to Moscow this summer. My daughter will be spending a few month at the Moscow State University. So Mrs OSJ and I would like to visit her, and it just so happens the best time for us would be the week of the WSBK races.

    Anyone in here go last year? If so any advise on places to sit, or even places to stay nearby? Im hoping to do a package deal thru WSBK or another moto related travel agency
  2. Kropotkin

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    What I heard was that travel to and from the track was a bit of a nightmare. What I would do is contact Pole Position Travel, and talk to them about it, they went last year and learned a lot about providing packages for customers. They'll be happy to help. Tell them David from sent you.

    Disclaimer: Pole Position are a paying advertiser on my website. However, they've organized travel for me in the past, and many other people, and all the customers of theirs that I've spoke to seem to be happy with what they get for their money.
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    Didnt go last year, but 3 off us are booked for this year. To get to the track seems fairly straightforward (in Russian terms) cant remember the names of the stations, but it goes something like this ( can find the detail if you require) Metro first then switch to Train (cant remember name of the station) then train out of the city (North) then they do free shuttle buses from next Station to the Track..
    ( Helps if you can speak a little Russian and understand the Metro system tho!)
    Like I say can get the detail if reqd.... or Google it.