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    The news is that Into Africa was released as an audio book just over a year ago. And the next bit of news is that Under Asian Skies is going to be released on July 8th.

    Into Africa? A year-long ride the length of a magic continent. No shortage of great roads, drama and moments of sheer good luck in a beautiful but sometimes dangerous land. What do the reviewers think? This is what Zen Overland say.

    You can listen to the first chapter on the various download sites, and to Chapter 2 (you'll find out why) on this page for the Into Africa Audio Book.

    Under Asian Skies? You'll be riding a 2-year journey through Australia, SE Asia, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Iran and on back through Eastern Europe. Have a click on this Under Asian Skies Audio Book link for more info and to listen to a sample chapter.

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