Motorcycle exhausts

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    Kinda depends...
    Just messing with you, brother! :freaky
    I am a cheap f**k, excpet for a few things in my life...
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    I am such an easy mark....:fpalm
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    I get what your saying . My fuel pump went out , their are options and kits out there , was looking at being down a week or better . Kits out there between 60 and 200 . Ended up doing research and putting a facet pump on , ended up costing me around $65 vs well over a hundred if I bought a "kit" sure there was a little foot work but %100 markup is excessive . And I was running in a day . I also made my own side stand relocater and 2 into 1 exhaust . My ss relocater cost me a few bucks in hardware and a hour or two to fab . The 2-1 ended up costing me maybe $100 start to finish . Not everyone can fab their own parts but and I get the overhead thing but the price of things seems high to me . I did get a Rade screen and the BMac lights but didn't feel I was being overcharged . Things I can't make I research and buy the best for the money .