Motorcycle size and speed

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  1. Aj Mick

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    Aug 31, 2012
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    But he can afford a lardy great VFR, and go for the occasional full throttle autobahn buzz when he has pocket-money spare to pay for a tank of gas..

    Many kids living at home with the 'rents slum it on a moped….. on which they develop some real skills, and probably get more enjoyment to boot.

    Many here have been there, done that with behemoths. There is far more to enjoy about motorcycling than big bikes and high speed.
  2. Wraith Rider

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    Feb 11, 2012
    But I was just told I need a race specific bike to lower the repair costs of my crashes?

    But if I used my main form of transportation and recreation for crash-inducing riding, it would be very expensive. So either I pay that heavy costs for repairs or I buy a second bike - or I just don't do that crashy things and stick to what I am enjoying now.
    I will visit a track at some time, that's sure, just to have it done, but I won't push it to the limits. I'll play it save, as I do on the road.