Motorcycle Waranty aren't they mostly useless myth

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    First post so try not to rage too much but I got a 08 gsx650f in '12 brand new 0 miles off of the showroom floor (leftover) and I rode it for a bit. Went to the drag track around here(ha ha I know) just to say I did it and after a few passes I noticed my front wheel had some sort of fluid on it. Immediately started looking at the brake line and found something on the forks. It was red fork oil... so I took it in and they tore it down saying it was just the seals. Got a call about a week later because they were apparently busy and he tells me my forks were pitted and it would cost like 300 just for the tubes and I was slightly angered to say the least. I made sure he knew I had the warranty and he said he would call suzuki. Called me back about 10 minutes later and told me that pretty much the whole front end would be replaced free. Got it replaced with oe parts from japan and labor free. And when I bought the bike I got the extended warranty for 4 additional years wheel to wheel. Now the test is how smooth it will be now after the 1 year factory if something goes wrong.
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    I thought the MO was get an estimate on the work in the country you're in, if it's less than the cost of shipping home, you pay it. If it's a big job, pay the bill to recover it home, then let your normal dealership presume it broke down in your home country.
    Not that I'd ever condone this, of course.
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    Fixed it for ya