Mounting the XM Hockey Puck R1200GSA

Discussion in 'Mapping & Navigation' started by duncanmac, Feb 1, 2013.

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    Jul 22, 2012
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    My Zumo 665 has arrived and I am wondering where to mount the XM receiver/antenna. I have read about the recommended distance from the GPS etc and quite a number of people stick it to the top of their front brake reservoir, with good performance. However, that is perhaps a security risk, as it can be quite easily removed. Other locations have much the same issue as well as being compromises.

    Having read that it is acceptable to mount it beneath fibreglass, I am considering using a RAM mount and a base plate to mount it under the beak. Has any one done this, or have an authoritative opinion on its advisability? Being in Australia, 665's are rarer than rare, and because there is no XM service here I cannot try it out until I land in the States at the end of July; and I do not want to arrive there and find it does not work.

    Thanks kindly for your help.
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    I tried multiple mounting locations with mine, ending up with this:

    I run a Zumo 550 and have had no interference issues being so close to the GPS. I have it mounted on a Touratech mounting bar for the GSA along with a locking mount for the GPS. Prior to that, I had them on a Ram mount off of the bar above the instrument cluster (not the one on the windshield). Works great.

    The biggest thing I noticed was that it needed to be unubstructed to the southern sky and mounted fairly level. For awhile, I had it up under, then on, the beak. Worked great when I was driving south. When driving north, it would cut out frequently. I'm in the northern US, so that may have also played a role as it relates to where the sats are in the sky.

    All in all, the mount is very steady with the illusion of security, I suppose. PM me if you want to see pics of it on my bike or links to the TT stuff.