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    Just want to move this thread to the free karma section inadvertently put it in parts? Guess I don't know how it's done asked a couple mods...are they viewing when name at the bottom...or off line? Just asking...

    Please move too free karma thread
    Trying to get my ad moved to good karma free thread I had put it under parts by mistake.. Under my name titled " tool kit compartment tray gs and GSA

    These came off a 2005 1200GS there are two of two pics are of the same tool tray they have 4small holes where centec was mounted... Bottom two pics are of the one with no small holes...They fit a bunch of years -check the max parts fiche.. Top two pics has 4 small 1/16? holes drilled in it.. Donate $10 to Advrider (donate button at bottom of page) and I will ship them free to you.. Pm me
    Pat from Jersey
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    You might want to include a link to the thread you'd like to move. That way, we can get it moved for you.