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    Jan 20, 2013
    Hello all!

    This is my first post here. I am a young man from Norway who has recently moved to southern Spain (Málaga) because of a job. I had a bike back home, but sold it before I moved. Now I am looking to get another one, and has some questions in that regard. Hope there are some spanish riders here, or someone else who knows how things work down here.

    I am looking to spend about €3000, so it will have to be a used bike. I tried searching the web for used bike-dealers in the malaga area, but have come up short. Can anyone help me with some key words to search for?

    I am also wondering about the possibility of buying second hand from a private person, is this recommended? Where I come from vehicle taxes are very high, so most people take good care of their vehicles, I don't know if things are any different here?

    Another option would be going to another country, like Germany or the UK. Will I get more for my money in these countries? The maintenance of the bike is obviously important to me. Does anyone have any experience importing bikes to Spain? I just got my residencia and NIE number, but don't know if importing is any easy affair. My spanish is pretty bad at the moment.

    Any other tips or things I should know about which is different from back home is much appreciated.
    I know this is a lot of questions at once, hope someone can help me with some of them.

    Best regards,
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    A good second hand web site is,and Motos.

    New bikes arrive every day.

    I would not advise buying a bike from another country and trying to re-register it in Spain ,it`s long and costly,I brought two bikes over when we retired out here 7 years ago but having looked into it I rode them both back and sold them then bought a spanish registered bike here.
    Hope this helps,Andrew.:thumb
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    Hi Kyrre,
    I'm Spanish but I grew up in England and then moved back to Spain 12 years ago.

    I agree with Romeo One. Don't wast your time buying abroad, save your time and expense and buy here.

    If you want to search for bike dealers type in; concesionarios de motos. Buying used bikes, as romeo one suggested;, is a really good site. But be warned Spanish people can get carried away with their sales presentation :puke1, but some are very honest. You must and should know about buying a used bike. Ask for service records:deal! If in doubt do not buy!!

    For 3,000 euros there's plenty of bikes to choose from, but they will not be as well looked after as in your country, Germany or the UK. Take your time, look at plenty and a good one will eventually come up.

    If I can be of any further help, just PM me.
    Good luck.
  4. The Spanish Biker

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    Jan 22, 2013
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    If you buy a bike here one point to negotiate is the cost of changing the registration, 'cambio de nombre'. You can do this yourself but this involves a personal visit to the provincial transit office, which is bad enough even if you live in the capital, in your case Malaga city, but a genuine pain if you have to travel there; probably twice as you won't have the necessary documentation first time round - talking of which, you must get your NIE sorted put before you can do anything!

    Sadly, all this stuff tends to get talked about on Forums that don't either know what they doing and maintain urban myths, or are simply out of date. But if you can read Spanish and/or use an on-line translator carefully! - then you can find all the details straight from the horse's mouth here - at the Derección General de Tráfico's official site on the subject.

    Otherwise most people us a 'gestor' to do this and this can cost up to €200. Bike dealers should offer to include the price bit not always, at least it's a bargaining point with private sales.

    I agree with the others about importing to Spain, but it's not that difficult and it may be worthwhile as used cars/bikers here are ridiculously expensive. Having said that a few points:
    • not all European models have been imported into Spain, so make sure the bike you want to import has already been on the market here and hence has Spainish Type Approval 'homologación' - otherwise forget it!
    • If imprting from the UK be aware that the odometre will reord in miles, this is not such a problem as long as the kilomtre reading is clear enpugh for the Tranport Department engineer to pass the inpection
    • Seriously weigh up the cost of importing, including transport hre from Germany or wherever, import tax on the bike's 'official' value and the cost of the gastor, if you use one.

    Hope this helps - when you do get your wheels make sure to ride up and around Antequerra and Ronda - absolutely fantastic rides :)