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    Ha.....I can ALMOST match you with my story.....

    Been riding for 25 plus years when my wife hits me with suggestion that we take the class together. She wanted to get her license so she could go along with my son and I on trips, on her own bike. I'm thinking great, so we sign up for the class...Friday evening classroom, Sat a day on the parking lot, and Sunday another day on the parking lot with the final riding test in the afternoon. Friday, no problem had already read the book and wife seemed to enjoy it. Saturday, I am using a Tw200 and having a ball. Not much riding, but the bike is lots of fun for the little bit of riding we are doing. Starts, stops, basic riding skills etc. On Sunday, I noticed that a few of my classmates seem to be having some problems, including my wife. I propose to the Instructers that we change up some bikes so that the ones having problems can get on some of the newer, supposedly easier to ride bikes. So I end up on an old Kawaski 125 Eliminator, which is a total piece of crap bike......:rofl.....and I am a Kaw fan (ZRX, Concours, Zr7s, KLR to name a few).

    After lunch, on Sunday, we are basically turned loose to practice on our own. Told to practice whichever part of the course we might feel the need to work on before the final test. Some people head over to the figure 8 box, some to the curve.
    NOBODY heads over to the panic brake area, so I decide I will play there for awhile. First couple of times I go through and no problem, low speed and this is getting boring. So hey, let's wind this little 125 out a bit and see what it will do, Just for the fun of it, OK? Know what a Redneck's last words are?.......... "Watch this!". :eek1. So there I go, 1st, 2nd, shift into 3rd, and grab a big handful of front brake. Let me tell you folks, I faceplanted so quick I never knew what happened. Scraped up my helmet, broke my face shield, tore my long sleeve jean shirt, scraped up my elbow. Picked myself up, looked around and the Instructer, seeing I am OK, just laughs. Then, he says it is time for the test, and would I mind taking it first? I get back on the bike and noticed that the handlebar was just a bit bent, but I sure didn't want to tell him that, at that point......waited until later for that fun, thank you very much.

    Anyway, took the test, aced it. My wife failed to negotiate the turn correctly and failed...:(
    However, she was able to practice some more on a Ninja 250, instead of a Rebal cruiser and has since learned to handle a small bike and/or scooter with some skill.

    I learned a couple of very valuable lessons that day... very wary when riding a bike you are not familiar with.
    2nd....never again say "Watch This!"......:lol3
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    I'm sorry about your class failure and injury but like everyone else has already said, I admire you for your display of character. I'm assuming you are a young man which makes your honesty and acceptance of personal responsibility even more impressive. Those traits are sadly lacking in our culture now, even in men and women twice your age.

    You'll do fine when you return for the class and will be a better rider in the future.
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    This is hilarious, glad you are ok (wouldn't be as funny if you really hurt yourself), you are my hero for owning up to this bit of failure. :rofl
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    Thanks for everyone's comments! No matter how much I may not want it, I've never been one to shy away from owning my mistakes. If I try to blame it on the bike, course, tires, instructors I'm guaranteed not to learn a damn thing and fall into the "it just happened, nothing that I could have done to stop it" mentality. :huh

    As it turns out, the MRI confirmed that I completely tore my MCL and PCL. :eek1The doctors are hoping that the MCL will scar back in, but it looks like my PCL is gone for good. They said that it's unlikely that they could fix it surgically and that one won't scar back in; the upside is that I should still have mostly normal use of my knee without it after some period of rehab.

    After a miserable 200+ mile ride the weekend before my trip, I decided to bail on riding it. I could barely finish that 200 miles and that was with several rest stops... the idea of 7 days and 2500+ miles sounded pretty awful. The my buddy that was going to ride with me ended up stealing his wife's Fiesta and we took 4 days to go check out D.C., the Harley factory in York, PA, Niagara Falls and some Urals in Cleveland. :freaky Mostly taking secondary roads and sort of deciding a route and where we wanted to go while on the road. Not exactly a riding trip, but it still turned out to be a blast!

    That's been a couple weeks back and now I'm riding again with very little pain/discomfort: commutes, errands, joy rides, etc. While I couldn't ride, I gave the beemer its first wash/wax since before I bought it... so there's that! :rofl