MSR Xpedition vs. FLY Trekker

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by HungOn16, May 15, 2012.

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    I am looking into buying a dual sport helmet and I read up on here how the Fly Trekker and AFX 39 had the same shell and what not. I was about to pull the trigger on the Fly, but saw that MSR just came out with the Xpedition DS helmet. I looked closely at a few pics, and to me it looks like it is again the same shell as both the AFX and Fly. There is not much info out on the MSR because it is so new. Has anyone been able to compare the fit of the MSR to the Fly? I would assume that the shields from the AFX and Fly would fit the MSR, but I cant even find a picture of a shield off the MSR. You guys got any info?
  2. thisisjess

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    Jul 24, 2011
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    Yea what is the word? I trust MSR stuff over this fly brand... Does anybody have any recommendations on these entry level dual sport helmets?
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    They are the same helmet, with different branding.

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    I was in the market for a DS helmet. I usually purchase higher end helmets like my recent Bell Moto 9 Carbon and I have an Arai for the road bike. I was unhappy with the round fit of the Arai DS helmet and the oval Shoei fits great but its visor seems a bit useless as it gets comments on how short it is.

    This led me to look at some lower cost helmets including the MSR. I like the MSR over the AFX and Fly due to it having D rings and not the ratchet buckle connector on the AFX. The fit is the same as the AFX I tried on. I found myself between a large and XL. I chose the Large and hope it breaks in with time.

    The positives -

    This helmet has a LARGE eye port. The ability to ride with goggles with this helmet is super simple as it was built with that in mind. Even the face shield has gaps to allow it to fully close and make room for the goggle strap.

    The face shield is not a flat curved piece of plastic but a built with a bump out to make more room for goggles under the shield when it is closed. (for those dusty times when you want to use the face shield as tear off)

    The visor actually works as a sun shield and is adjustable for height.

    The venting is generous and my brief test yesterday with temps in the low 40's showed me where all of them are and that they work well. Yes I then closed all of them that had vent doors.

    D rings - Why anything else?

    The negatives -

    The lining reminds me of the cloth interior of a low end car. Built to take punishment and not be that comfortable. Compared to my new Bell Moto 9 this interior feels like sandpaper. Well it isn't that bad but you get the picture. It's not super plush. I am hoping that with a little wear it will soften up and not feel so scratchy on my forehead.

    There is a sharp line of pressure on the forehead all the way around the inside front of the helmet. The EPS under the liner seems to be the culprit. Rather than a transition on the end of the EPS there is a right angle coming off your forehead. This is noticeable after a while and feels like a sharp line of material. I took the helmet off and with my thumb I easily pushed against the square edge and smoothed it into a more radius curve where it first touches my forehead. This made a huge change on the scratchiness of the liner in that area.

    The feature of the goggle faceshield bump out is also a detriment to optical clarity. While its not super bad it is noticeable when you look at something and turn your head while keeping your eyes on the item you are looking at. A slight wavy optical defect is noticed. Straight ahead its not too bad but compared to a high end helmet this is one of those "get what you pay for" things.

    I wish Bell were coming out with a DS helmet. With the Moto 9 Carbon and a recent try on their top of the line carbon road helmet I must confess that it fits me perfectly and I love the lining. For now I will rock on with the MSR until I find better.
  5. mookybird

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    Nov 4, 2011
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    If you have the opportunity to try on the gmax ds helmet you might want to, similar specs and price. I have used mine for multiweek rides as well as local riding and I like it.

    I originally chose it because the face shield retracts all the way out of the line of sight, I ride an unfaired ds bike and have been happy enough with the performance but the xr rarely sees 70 mph and typically 60 to 65,

    Speed usually isn't mentioned much in user reviews but I think it plays a role in whether or not a user likes riding with a ds helmet.

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    Dec 4, 2011
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    I would have to say I like my Fly Trekker for the cost. Yes there are better helmets out there but they are also more expensive. I only use it on cold or raining days, so at most a few times a year. Its hard to fork out $400 on a helmet that is used so little. The only disadvantage I found is when wearing goggles and you have the face shield down they tend to fog up which is understandable since no air is flowing through the goggles. If you crack the shield it solves the issue pretty quick.
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    They both come out of the same factory in China- THH, in addition to THH, AFX and Cyber versions. All have the same shell construction, with varying interior comfort liners, graphics, and chin vent designs. Functionally they work the same, fitment would be the same, comfort may be slightly different from one to the next brand version depending on the liner material.

    All of these versions reatil under $150- AFX has a 5 year warranty, and several color/graphic options. MSR has 1 Color option, FLY several color options, ect. For the money- its a good helmet and will get the job done nothing else really matches that price range.
  8. Akunin

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    May 16, 2009
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    I came here looking for the same answers about the Fly/MSR and I was sold on the GMax. No regrets, great helmet!