Mt Donna Buang (Melbourne, AU)

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    Jan 13, 2013

    During the week my mate Lamby (GS) & I (KLR) were trying to tee up a ride for Saturday. Unfortunately, the chips didn't fall his way, and he got to go to work this morning.. :rofl

    I decided it wasn't going to stop me, so early(ish) this morning I got organised and went for a ride. Ended up going to Mt Donna Buang in a roundabout fashion:

    (Had to go south to another mate's place to give him a hand with his website first).

    Trundled up to Launching Place via Cranbourne, Pakenham, Cockatoo & Woori Yallock.

    Stopped to smell the flowers/look at the valleys:


    Found a (para)glider launch ramp on the south side of Donna Buang:


    ..and from Helmet-cam so you can see I didn't just Google up some images :thumb :


    Got to the top of Donna Buang and climbed the tower (probably should have taken off the lined jacket first :fpalm )

    Looking south(ish):


    Looking towards Melbourne (I could just make out the high rise buildings through the haze - can't see them in the photo :waysad ):


    Other people had the same idea as me:


    Scooted back down the hill to Warburton for some lunch. Noticed I had a missed call from Lamby, so rang him back, and he was leaving work, so I organised to meet him in Woori Yallock. When he arrived, we decided to head up to Healesville, then back down Don road to Launching Place, then back to Gembrook. After doing that run, it was re-enforced to me that the knobby tyred bike IS NOT A ROAD BIKE, and should definitely not carry the same speeds and lean angles.. :eek1

    All home safe (as far as I know - you home Roger?), and 298km's for me according to the GPS. :D

    If I figure out how to get the GoPro video's down to a respectable size, I'll post some of them..