Mt. Mee QLD... un-registrable!

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    Jul 25, 2009
    Brisbane, The Sunshine State
    Saturday 25<SUP>th</SUP> August 2010 RR
    <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:smarttags" /><st1:place w:st="on"><st1:placeType w:st="on">Mt.</st1:placeType> <st1:placeName w:st="on">Mee</st1:placeName></st1:place>, D’Aquilar National Park, QLD
    Left home at 5.00am arrived in the forest car park on <st1:Street w:st="on"><st1:address w:st="on">Mt Brisbane Rd</st1:address></st1:Street> at 5.45am.
    I was joining my ex neighbour on a Drz 400 and his friend on a YZ 250. Due to my bike taking a quad bike up its arse I was riding Scott’s ex 1990ish YZ 125, bored to 200 and generally trashed to smithereens. And here is how it went:
    Bike had a bent kick start only, no electric, and I needed help to get it going.
    It had a rear tire called Baldy and a front one called Wobbly.
    It did not stayed idled and was leaking fuel from the carburettor I was told!?
    However if you would managed to get over all of the above and get it on a straight line, it was kicking really, really hard.
    Approaching the first bend up the hill though, I realised the bike despite going awesome had no front brake at all and the rear one would just lock straight out. Engine braking on a 2 stroke is nothing… compared to my Husky TE 610.
    So how did it go? Well there is nothing like a two stroke hitting the power band!!! We went all the way up to the top of the hill and than dropped down towards a creak and than up on the other side. The thing was like a possessed bicycle, it jumps higher; turns quicker, hits bends better and generally would not stop for anything. What an awesome, awesome, awesome ride!!!
    When the other two boys caught up they announced that Baldy has gone flat… what a disappointment. So because we were close to the Gantry we decided to go and see if there is anyone there to give us a bit of help with the tire. Of course there was no one there it was f….ing 6.30am!!!
    Decision was made to go as is and hope for the best, the tyre was gone anyway.
    So we went up towards <st1:City w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on">Mountain View</st1:place></st1:City> or something like this because I was turning on any path I could. And we went for a while and it was so sweet despite all that was wrong with that bike it was still good. Until the exhaust fell off… So after about 100 zip ties and storing half the plastics on the DRZ 400 rack the decision was that we should go back to the cars before anything else fails as the last thing left was the engine.
    So we were having a blast going down from the Gantry towards the car park when the thing died under engine braking and as I was rolling it down around a bend waiting to restart as a bump start, guess whose truck I nearly hit? The ranger’s truck!!! So I manage to avoid him and now I don’t have enough speed to bump start the thing and I am stopped and… the thing is obviously unregistered. So here he is reversing back to me:
    -Hi mate, is that thing registered?
    -Do you have driving licence?
    -I do!
    -Can I see it?
    -No you can’t because it’s in the ute and the ute is at the bottom in the car park. But you are welcome to follow me if you want.
    -Mate for driving an unregistered vehicle rangers penalty is 100$ if the police catches you is 900$ and you have to go to court. Please don’t do a runner because the police car is coming after me.
    -Mate this is not my bike I drive a registered Husky.
    -Yeah right.
    I said mate you are driving with your notepad on the bonnet, you might lose the thing, here we go, we do a deal, that might be worth 100$.
    -No mate that is worth hundred of thousands because I can write down hundreds of guys like you!
    So here I am there trying to kick start the thing and it would not go for nothing. So he goes:
    -What are you doing?
    -I am sorry man I told you this is not my bike, I don’t really know how to start it.
    -Ok I will give you a push. Here I go on top of an unregistered bike getting a push from the ranger.
    -Thanks mate! And the thing kicks back into life and I am rolling it down the hill slowly. And what do you know, three bends lower who is going up? The police!!! I pass them and they stop and then comes the ranger and he stops and they have a chat and I am hoping that he is going to tell them off.
    I have arrived in the car park with the ranger after me and I get of the bike and drop the thing on the ground because I forgot it does not have a side stand and he pisses himself laughing… and I am a bit emotional hoping the blue car is not following too.
    -Mate that is really not your bike!
    -I told you its not. Where are the police?
    -Don’t worry I told them you fully cooperated and they went up to the camping grounds. There was a bit of trouble there last night.
    -Right, here is the driving licence.
    -Well here is the infringement notice.
    -Have a nice day!
    -You too!
    And then at 10.30am:
    -Honey I am home!
    -How was it?

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    P.S. I am going to buy a 250cc two stroke!!! A registrable one!!!
    I am attaching a few pictures from a previous ride just so you can get your head around the terrain. It is a beautiful place! And as you can see I drive a Husky and yes it’s registered.
    All the best