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Discussion in 'Europe' started by Steve G., Jun 19, 2013.

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    This event has been on my list for years. 4 of us are doing a 3 week ride out of Munich on rented GS's, then at the end of the ride we're spending 4 days in Munich during Oktoberfest. We've been there before in 2010, about 2 weeks before Oktoberfest festivities started, and got to all the famous beer halls, great time. Anyways, I was recently told that to find a seat in one of the temporary beer tents, one has to reserve a seat to get in.
    So my question to anyone who's been there during this time, is there 1 or perhaps more locations where the best times/atmosphere can be found? Is it really going to be tough getting into these places? We've booked hotel rooms 4 months ago, 15 minute train ride north of the Marienplatz [sorry for the spelling] .
    Thanks very much!
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    Steve.....the O'Fest is a beating. Weekends are a drunken zoo and virtually impossible to get into any of the tents if you just show up and wait. Weekdays are easier with at least half of the space open for walk ups. You really should reserve in advance, but you will need to do that with the specific tent. This is a good start:

    It is free to reserve, but you have to fax or call to secure a reservation. If all else fails, go the the English Garden.....the beer tastes just as good there.

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    Hey there,
    Not sure if this helps, but I couldn't get a room in Munchen, so I stayed in Augsburg (quick train trip out of Munchen). Found a great hotel by the train station as well as a bar / restaurant. Anyway, while drinking at the A'burg bar, the bartender said he and his wife and some locals were going to O'fest in the AM and to meet the at the train station. They got me into a tent & it was awesome! They were of course all dresses up in Bavarian garb and I was a dressed like a
    Anyway, it might be worth staying there rather than Munchen... Have fun:1drink
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    We did the same thing as hankgs back in 2008 but stayed in Buchenhain, about 15km south of city center. We were 100 meters from the train stop and it was a 20 minute ride to the main gate of OF. Stayed at a nice place with a restaurant and beer garden called Walgasthof Buchenhain (it even shows up on Goggle Earth). Very nice people.
    We got in without reservations by going early in the day (2pm), before the crowds arrived. By 5 pm our table started filling up so we just made friends with that group and stayed on and on and... Still don't remember the train ride back to the hotel though.
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    [​IMG]Some years ago, before the Intermot moved to Koln, we had traveled the Alps with the destination of Munich for the Intermot. Knowing not to try to stay in Munich, we opted for a small village about an hour south of Munich/20km north of Garmisch called Eschelohe. We stayed at Hotel zur Bruecke run by the Reiter family. Frau Reiter (Waltraud) asked if we were interested in going to Oktoberfest. After explaining we were going to the Messerstadt for Intermot, she told us to leave our bikes at her hotel and get on the bus to join them at Oktoberfest. We (there were 8 bikes in our group) asked what the cost would be. "Nichts, Sie sind unsere Gäste!". We boarded the bus with at least 20 other locals and got VIP seating at the Hacker-Pschorr beer tent. We were invited to eat and drink whatever and as much as we wanted! (We left Oktoberfest quite satiated!).
    We have maintained communications with the Reiter family and have returned many times for the same kind of hospitality. The serendipity of this experience only personifies the beauty of adventure touring!:freaky
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    The disadvantage of having a reserved table is that you will get kicked out as soon as your time is over.
    I'd recommend to just go there at about 10 or 11 a.m. and find a table in the unreserved sections of the tents (on the weekdays, on the weekend that might already be too late).

    Enjoy your stay but keep in mind that the Oktoberfest nowadays has turned into a tourist trap and doesn't have a lot to do with typical bavarian festivals.

    For more information go here