Murchison Promontory to Cape Froward

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    May 19, 2010
    This morning I had an Epiphany; why not ride from the northern most point of Canada to the southern tip of South America.

    My best friend Mitch and I are currently in Vietnam. Each riding our very own Belarussian Minsk. Mine being a sports model with a larger frame and Mitch's being the older basic model. For the past two weeks and the next month or so we will be coaxing our delicate motorcycles up the country. Starting in Ho Chi Minh City and finishing in Hanoi. Possibly continuing on to do the mountains in the north. I have around a year of riding experience on the road and a little experience off road, Mitch started riding in Ho Chi Minh, a mean feat if you ask me. We both live in Perth Western Australia. Last year I sold my Landcruiser and replaced my means of transport for a cheap 1984 Honda 250 Custom which I purchased off a 74 year old woman. Then when we began this initial world trip, I sold that bike for travel money.
    Being back on a bike again has unleashed a sense of adventure in me that, although I have always known was there, I never knew how to go about exploiting it. The Americas trip is a golden horizon that I am willing to work for. I understand that it requires planning, experience, money, more planning and money, and the desire to see it through. At this point in time I only have one of those things and it is only an idea. I hope to make this idea a reality. The ride up vietnam has already proven a gold mine of experience in navigation, riding, maintinece and basic repairs. By the time we reach Hanoi I like to think we will be at least a step closer to at trip as large as the Americas.

    This is where it begins. This is the first step of many down the long road that, in turn, will lead me to the roads and trails I intend to ride down.
    The plan is to commence a year from now, or if things start to look less likely than that, two years from now. June or July 2012. Basicaly summer in Canada.

    Any information on how to go about the absolute beginnings of such a trip would be much appreciated. Other people have careers and mortages and ties, all I need at the moment is some road and two wheels.