Muskrat Falls on TLH to get dam(n)ed

Discussion in 'Canada' started by selkins, May 14, 2013.

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    I had the great pleasure of hiking out to Muskrat Falls, a bit east of Happy Valley / Goose Bay, back when I road the TLH in 2009. Sad to say, I just found out that the falls is under the proverbial axe, with plans to build a large dam. Though it seems that some brave folks are struggling to raise awareness and stop the project.

    Whatever you think about the merits of the project, if you plan to ride the TLH in the next couple of years, be sure to take the two-track on the south side of the TLH about 25 km west of HV/GB. At the end of the two track you'll have about a mile hike out to the falls, but it's welll worth it.

    Muskrat Falls now:


    Muskrat Falls in the future:

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    Gotta love "progress"...oh well, time to wax my water skis... :huh