My 6 year old daughter riding with me. Help!

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    Need some thoughts here. To stay on track I just want to be clear on one thing; we all have different views on situations such as this. Furthermore, I am a firefighter/paramedic and was a FlightMedic, (for 22 years experience). I am acutely aware of the risks posed not only to her but myself and choose to live a life with mitigated risk. So if you have a thought as to my suitability as a parent, please move on. This is not a debatable issue.

    That being said, I am looking for people's thought in regards to riding two-up with a 6 year old child. Anyone who has done so, knows that they are prone to fall asleep. My wife's answer is to purchase a $1,000 in communication gear so that I can talk her head off on our coming adventure camping trip which will be about 350 miles out from home. I don't see that as solving the problem.

    My thoughts are the following:

    -with my jesse bags and a top box, load stuff up so that she is cacooned to a degreee.

    -put some sort of seat belt on her in the seat that will separate if we should go down, (limited velcro strap).

    Beyond these two things, I am kind of at a loss and am sure someone where has some insight into sharing adventure touring with children.

    Thanks in advance and sorry if not in the correct area. Having a r/1150gs it seemed natural to come here...

    XICAQUE Q' pedo?

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    I would wait until she is a bit older....10 yrs... Buy her an iPod touch and call it the day for now...

    Just my 2 cents

    Or get another bike like a hack :deal
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    You mean like the picture below? He was 7 and we did 370 miles. I have the seat belts that attaches to the rider (we tried them), but the didn't like them. You do need:
    1- intercom to check on them, keep a conversation and get a feeling how are they doing
    2- trunk with a back rest
    3- make sure they can get to the pegs (safety and legal issues)

    I hope this helps!


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    I have gone down the same carrier path minus a flightmedic. I ride with my son who just turned 9 this May. I think every child is different in when they are ready to ride. You as the parent should have a good idea if ready or not. I can say even though my son does short rides. I would not do a 350 miles worth with him on the back. But regardless of miles traveling the proper gear should be worn by parent/child alike. If it where me I would hold off a few more years, at least the attention span will increase as well, making it more in joy able for both.

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    I have no thoughts on the parenting/safety thing. That's your call and all kids are/behave different but I would at least check you're local laws. Here in WA the kid has to be at least seven legally to ride on a motorcycle. Don't know how a LEO checks or enforces that but just in case of a relative or neighborhood do-gooder yells child endangerment to the CPS I'd make sure you at least legally CYA. In a country where we graduate more lawyers than engineers it can get ugly expensive quick.
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    I have a harness that hooks my child at waist, shoulders and crotch, and then hooks around my waist. My daughter can fall asleep and stay on the bike just fine. I'll add the brand/model later, I'm not at home now to see it.
  7. CanadianRocky

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    You can pile stuff up on the panniers to make side support so she cannot move right and left. If you did that, you may not need to worry about her falling asleep as much.

    Keeping her feet on the foot pegs would be a big concern to me. If she falls asleep, they could come off. Maybe a set of mini floor boards with some Velcro over the top of her shoe.

    I did a lot of riding with my daughters. When they where very young, we did it with a hack, when they where older, it was on my HD.

    It can be done safely. You will be much more conscious of your riding when she is there, I know I was. Also, they will be memories that both of you will have for always.

    My girls, now 26 & 32, still talk about the family week long trips we took with the hack. Me, my eldest behind me, my wife sitting in the hack, my youngest daughter laying in her lap, usually sound asleep, and Digger, our Cocker Spaniel, curled up and sleeping at my wife's feet. With all of our camping gear strapped to the bike and the rig.
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    I started with my daughter at age 10, but had similar concerns. Bluetooth headsets are phenomenal. I don't know which you were looking at for $1000, but sena smh10/10r are no more than $400 for a pair MSRP and rocketmoto on this board will give you a much better deal - check vendors section. As long as you can communicate with your child, you should be able to determine how they are doing, and when enough is enough. I still hear stories from my daughter about trips that we took and things she saw along the way.

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    Neck support! Helmets are surprisingly heavy relative to a child's head - plus, the kid's likely to fall asleep if you're riding for more than an hour.

    I keep trying to talk my ex-wife into letting me ride a 7 y/o. He'd be all for it, but she's fiercely opposed. She and I agree on almost all else, but this one I can't negotiate my direction. Maybe when he gets older.

    Good luck to good memories. I look forward to the day that I can do that too.
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    Wow how times have changed. My first memory in life is riding on my Dad's Gold Star. I won my first trophys riding "Buddy Class" enduros at age 7. My dad rode me to my first day of Kindergarten, I was 4 then, a month before turning 5.
    I know, things are different, but not better.
  11. def

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    I think a different bike is in order. Goldwings have armrests, etc. if the concern is falling off after falling asleep.

    As for a crash, lots of properly fitting gear helps.

    What does she say about riding pillion?
  12. Smoke Eater 3

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    I don't like riding with my kids but the few times that I have I loosened my belt all the way so they could hang on to it.
  13. Y E T I

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    Two things:

    1) I've been riding with my daughter since she could touch the pegs. Never quite as far as you're talking about, but we've had a blast. (The BMW Stoke suit is awesome. They come up in the Flea Market here pretty often.)

    2) A good friend's wife falls asleep every time they ride long distance. :lol3 With a top box and stuff on top of both Jesse bags, it makes a couch that keeps here in place.
  14. orgo

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    I have no idea what I'm talking about so be kind

    the first thought that popped into my head was a child's car seat strapped to the bike securely. Do they even make them big enough for a 7 year old ? I have no idea I'm old school.

    When my kids were that age they just got on the pillion and wrapped their arms around me. And off we went on my 1968 BSA 441 Victor

    But then again we never went 350 miles
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    It's sad that you had to preface your question like this to keep it from getting derailed. Welcome to 21st century America.

    I think that you are on the right track. Solid panniers, back rest and an attentive driver.
  16. Czark9

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    For what it is worth, I use a jet ski passenger belt called the grip n ride for the sport bike when there is a passenger involved. It won't prevent falling asleep, but allows the passenger a firm grip to handles, instead of trying to hug me and hold on for dear life.
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    Feb 25, 2012
  18. CanadianRocky

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    The bare skin on the kids right leg is looking awfully close to that muffler....
  19. TowPro

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    My buddy started his daughter with this harness she wore, that was attached to him.
    and communication packs are not $1000.00. You can get the Sean SHM10 dual pack for $300

    At what age she starts is up to you, and maybe state laws.
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    No input because I dont have kids that young, but preach on. Its your kid, its your call, and as a former ALS Medic I'm with you. Its your choice and I wish I had been on the back at that age.