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Discussion in 'Face Plant' started by thecrumb, Jun 1, 2013.

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    Sep 1, 2006
    Central North Carolina
    I'm not riding in the spring anymore... :D

    3 years ago I was hit by a deer on the BRP before Easter. Cracked up my hand and collarbone but healed up nicely and just recently had the plate and screws removed from my shoulder.

    2 weeks ago went out for a nice Saturday ride, hit some gravel and to avoid sliding I went into the median and was trying to reduce my speed in the grass when I hit something (I haven't been back to look yet) but found myself airborne and that was the end of that. :huh

    Fortunately there was an off duty EMT following me and before I could sit up and get my helmet off he was there screaming at me not to move. He called 911 and gave me a quick once over to check for injuries.

    I'm always ATGATT and had no serious injuries (thank you Shoei / Aerostich!) 1 small fracture in the hand I smashed up before and general soreness all over.

    This was my first 'self inflicted' wreck in over 30 years of riding so I guess I count myself lucky. I don't count the deer one - that one I couldn't do anything about - I never saw the deer.

    I *think* the wife may let me ride again, crossing my fingers. Definitely want to get back on a bike. Maybe time for a MSF refresher course as well.

    Thanks for listening :)
  2. 3DChief

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    Jun 2, 2010
    Not sure why you would go into the grass to avoid gravel, especially when it is tall enough that you can't see the hazards. Grass is about the worst braking surface there is except ice. You traded a known hazard for unknown hazards. Why not just keep neutral inputs and ride right through the gravel? Some dirt time might be what you need, it transfers well to pavement riding and helps keep you out of bad situations when the bike dances around a little bit. Refresher courses are always good, plus they get you back to thinking through every situation and out of the "auto pilot" mode, which I'm pretty sure is what caused this situation.

    Sorry about your injuries, glad they are relatively minor and you'll be back on the bike soon. Keep the shiny side up!

  3. Mr_Snips

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    Oct 31, 2009
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    My future wife was nothing but supportive of me when i broke my back...although the stern looks when i went riding against her will was not worth the earfull.

    Now she just smiles and rolls her eyes.
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    I live in the Tn/nc mtns and you can't ride without hitting gravel in the road.
    Just lately we've had lots of rain and it just washes people's gravel driveways out onto the road, usually in the corners.
    You get so used to it, you pick a line and stick to it. You can't hit the grass cu's there's a side of the mtn there instead.
    What bike are you riding?