My first dual sport ride.

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    Jun 19, 2010
    So the little brother owns an old mining claim; "The Land" and proposes we head up for the day to beat the heat. Apparently there is a creek you can stick you feet in and it's high enough up to be cool in the trees. Sounds good to me, want to get out on the bike anyway.

    "um....last couple miles are dirt" he says.

    "No problem, I've ridden on dirt before" (around the campground). "how steep?"

    "Well, it's all uphill" the mathematician replies, ever quantifying.

    "Right, well, how about rocks?"

    Well, yeah, some rocks, But they're stuck in the ground pretty good and I bet you can ride around them. I mean, I can get the van up there. You can ride behind me and if it gets to rough just park and go up with us.".

    "Duck soup. Meet you here at 9".

    I'm figuring, what's the real difference between my RS and a GS? The GS has more suspension. I can carry more gas. The GS has knobbies, I have a better fairing. Sounds about even.

    I arrive at 9. The evil wretched rear brake has turned into a completely non-functional evil wretched rear brake. Scru it, it's an adventure.

    As it turns out, "I can get the van up there.You can ride behind me... " means 'I can get the van up there at 8mph while you ride behind playing trials rider around the rocks and suck dust'.

    A few miles of this and the oil temp hits 260 and I shut it down next to a icy rivulet to stick my feet in. I'll catch up. Opportunity to take a pic.


    After chilling a bit I finaly make to where The Land crosses the road. Only had to stand up in a few rougher places---but it's good to get off and walk instead.


    There is indeed a stream to stick ones feet in. I indulge again.


    Coming down I take the lead and make a proper pace until I come up on a line of retreating Subarus. More eating dust. Time for a pic back up the valley. There was a really nice stretch through the Aspen groves but that one seemed too much the stock Co. shot.


    Turns out just the front brakes were fine in the dirt. But I do want some knobbies :D
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    Jan 25, 2007
    Middle of nowhere Georgia
    Looks like fun. Nice old airhead. Love them.
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    Mar 14, 2004
    East of KCMO
    Beautiful pics
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    Looks like a nice place to ride.
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    Aug 16, 2002
    Colorful Colorado riding... thanks for sharing the beauty of our area :thumb
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    Ι agree !
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    OK curiosity got the best of me and I just had to look Glad I did
    I wouldn't pick that bike if I were to choose one to go Dual sporting on but that just makes this RR better
    you ADV'ed it and ran with what you had
    Good on you
    you had a nice ADVenture in a very beautiful place + you survived unscathed


    BTW Nice Bike