My first post + first moto vloggin video + CRASH**

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    Just thought it was, er, interesting, to see you put the mirror into the same Camelbak that held the water bottles you landed on... might want to think about getting a rack for the bike and putting anything hard on it instead of on your back. And, using a water bladder in the Camelbak instead of a bottle or two.

    I've bruised my ribs before... VERY painful. Hard to raise my arms, twist my body, or breathe deeply for a couple of weeks painful. Wouldn't want to land on a full water bottle (or an empty one, either). Talk about 'releasing' your spine if you land on it. The mirror might not dislocate your spine, but just stab you instead, especially if you somehow end up landing on the broken-off end.

    I recently read a quote from Cormac McCarthy (maybe it was somewhere on ADVRider), along the lines of how every time he got hurt it wasn't from making a bad choice at that time, but instead was the result of a bad choice he made earlier. I imagine impaling oneself on a broken mirror that you put in your backpack might be the result of one of those earlier bad choices. My injury from a bad choice was dismissing the chance to put on a seatbelt when I stopped at some railroad tracks... and a couple minutes later I smashed into a car that pulled out in front of me resulting in a week's stay in the hospital and not being able to walk for a couple of months. You better believe I (virtually) kicked myself (legs not working) for all of that time, and when I'm in a car now everyone is wearing a seatbelt.

    Take care, and glad your fall only resulted in hurt rather than injury. (Hurt == "Ouch! MF'er!!", Injured == ambulance to the hospital and emergency surgery)