My First Scooter - Roketa 150

Discussion in 'Battle Scooters' started by ParrotheadJeff, Mar 17, 2013.

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    Hey there! Yep, that's me over there :D Thanks for the compliment and keep scootin' yourself, too :ricky

    Thanks for the warning, but I'd been warned about that going in :wink: I think what really happened is that the battery was just left alone and allowed to dry out. I figure I only use this scoot around town (and it's a SMALL town), so the furthest I'd have to push it would be a couple miles and I can always use the exercise :lol3 If I want to go further than that, I've still got my V-Star :beer Actually, I've got roadside assistance through my insurance company, so I could either get a jump or a tow/carry home if need be :deal

    Have a great day :D