My KH100: 'The Red Devil'. Updates and nagging, mostly nagging.

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    Sep 11, 2012
    Hi all,

    I started a thread a while back but figured it might makes sense to have it all here. I can bump this when the time is right. This little KH100EL rocket ship is my first bike, I have very little mechanical know-how but I love this thing and I've been gradually getting it up to scratch.

    After working up the courage to attempt my own paint work and stripping the tank and sanding back the bumpy sidecovers to something suitable for 2 in 1 priming I decided I might be in too deep AND I wanted it done right. So, I got a pro to do it and bam, look at that paint. Tank decals are thanks to the paint shop and sidecover decals are thanks to ebay Thailand. Needless to say I'm very pleased and I've never felt more willing to let go of some money in my life. Before the rust was appearing before my eyes, now she really shines like a new bike (apart from the pitted chrome). :D

    This is a picture, minus cylinder head and pipe. I'll add a complete one very soon. Look at that deep red!


    I've since replaced the head gasket (it had a leak while running in the top end - I blame a dicky torque wrench for that) and put on the old original pipe. It's been running very well. Though today up through some hills it did start to struggle a little bit - overheating or just a little engine? This is what I am to continue to explore.

    Back there I said "old original pipe". This is pretty beat up with patches of rust and general age. I found me a NEW KH100 pipe from ebay Thailand without baffle, albeit slightly different and minus the black cone on the end, for $80. I think it's a repro based on an earlier model. I also got a diffuser/baffle that kinda fits but doesn't really and a new header pipe (which turns out is perhaps marginally too long/big in its arc and I'll have to cut it, too.

    So, I have a question. The baffle fits into the rear of the new pipe quite well, but when mounted with a bolt through the end of the pipe (from factory) through a threaded whole in the baffle end, the baffle sits in the pipe askew. That is it doesn't sit straight in clear air in the pipe but at the end of it inside the pipe it rests against the wall of the pipe. How can I get this baffle to sit straight? Should there be a fiberglass/other packing and where? I imagined the baffle would sit inside the pipe with a packing around just the forward end of the baffle so that exhaust gets pushed through the baffle and diffused via the holes and then out the end. Is that right

    I'm wondering what I can do, I'm thinking it is the wrong baffle, and I'm also wondering if there is much else to these old little 2 stroke pipes other than the baffle at the end?