My Latitude 840 VS. BADLANDS PRO review

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  1. bloodline

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    Jun 28, 2011
    Badlands Jacket:

    The Pros-
    1. Collar is softer, has tabs to hold open both sides towards the shoulders. The tabs are important because the softer collar flaps more than the open Latitude.
    2. A lot more armor and it feels like it would be more likely to stay in place in a crash.
    3. the pockets are pleated and MUCH easier to deal with. While the zipper closure is annoying, it's pretty easy to manipulate.
    4. the kidney belt. It's quite comfortable but I suspect it's going to make the badlands very HOT compared to the Latitude. So a Pro? Not sure, yet.
    5. Rear vent/s are vertical and easy to reach and manipulate while seated on the bike.
    6. Arm vents are easier to manipulate but do not work as well.
    7. the arms are pretty snug and don't flap in the breeze at speed.
    8. Goretex Pro is tried and true.

    The cons-
    1. The cuff things at the wrist suck. There, I said it. I'll probably cut them out of the jacket.
    2. The venting does not work as well as the latitude.
    3. Supposedly one can use a hydration with this jacket. It was certainly not given the thought that the rest of the jacket received.
    4. It's an ordeal to suit up. The kidney belt, the chest armor and the horrible cuff thingys make it a production to put this gear on. In all fairness, those items could be removed and it's not likely that I will.
    5. Price.
    6. Snug fit.

    Latitude 840 jacket:

    1. Easy on/off.
    2. excellent ventilation. The stiffness of the jacket seems to help this.
    3. Price.
    4. durability? Only real concern is the goretex to cordura bond. It's not the multi layer goretex pro system. The cordura is wicked tough. Impressive.
    5. Roomy cut. the bottom of the jacket has adjustable gussets that the Badlands lacks.
    6. Exterior waist adjustment. My wife uses it like handles when we ride 2 up. It's great to snug up the jacket or make it "balloon" for more airflow.

    1. The collar. I got used to it, but it's stiff and if your neck is short and fat, you aren't gonna like it.
    2. the pockets. It's very difficult to put anything of any thickness (wallet, sunglasses, etc) in the pockets. The cordura is stiff and there is not much extra material.
    3. difficult to manipulate the vents one handed. The bicep area is huge and I'm not. Even those vents give me some trouble on the bike.

    Badlands Pants:

    1. Comfort. VERY comfortable both on and off the bike.
    2. the pockets. Smarty placed and easy to use.
    3. Ventilation- while it's almost identical to the Latitude, it's easier to manipulate for some reason.

    1. Maybe this is not a con but if you are coming from the latitude, it is. I owned 36 tall in both pants. The Badlands tall is a lot "taller" than the latitude. Probably too tall for me, actually. I'm 6'1.5" with a 33inch inseam. I considered the Latitude tall to be perfect for me.
    2. I think the material around the boots/shins could have been thicker.
    3. Huge amount of material at the knees. I suspect it was designed to be worn over separate knee armor and I'm concerned the knee pads in the pants would shift and do very little in a crash.

    Latitude 840 pants:

    1. TOUGH!
    2. Perfect fit over boots and perfect placement of the snaps to control ventilation up your pant leg.

    1. Pockets are almost worthless.
    2. Not as comfortable off the bike. Looks and feels like you are carrying a loaded diaper in the back.

    some thoughts:

    I suspect the Latitude Misano would address most of what I don't like about the Latitude 840. I wish they made the Latitude with the Badlands material at the Latitude price. The badlands pants are a LOT more comfortable when off the bike. I have no complaints with the latitude pants ON the bike.

    I can feel more radiant heat thru the badlands pants and even though I bought grey, I suspect the black latitude pants may actually be cooler.

    I feel torn regarding the kidney belt. It's very comfortable on the bike, pretty miserable off the bike, and hot. It's removable and I'll likely pull it out when it warms up.

    The liner with the thumb hole deal in the badlands cuffs is just not working for me. I intend to cut them out.

    I've done a 2 week trip in my latitude gear and it was fantastic. I'm looking forward to doing the same in the Badlands and perhaps I can offer some additional info after that.
  2. Mr_Gone

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    Jul 18, 2010
    Mountain Home, AR
    Very nice write-up.

    I have the Badlands Pro jacket. I'm curious to read what you think of it.
  3. keiji

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    Jun 19, 2008
    For what it's worth, you can remove the kidney belt entirely (it is velcroed to the back pad)
  4. levain

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    Oct 29, 2005
    Providence, RI
    Really? seems like the same other than the additional vent on the badlands. Is that due to the exhaust vents? really surprised to hear this.
  5. GillT

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    For your comparison...If you can, would it be possible for you to weigh each jacket and list that. I felt the badlands was much heavier then the latitude.
  6. Hikertrash

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    Aug 19, 2011
    I've had both Latitudes and now the Badlands and found the Latitude was like wearing a plastic bag when it came to breath ability. The Badlands will not work for AZ either but its at least tolerable. I also removed the useless kidney belt and only use the chest pads when riding off pavement.

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