My speedometer got better!

Discussion in 'Airheads' started by Pica Hudsonia, Apr 19, 2013.

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    When I got my R-100 GSPD last summer (1993 with ~60k miles on her), the speedo needle bounced all over the place. Heisenberg would have appreciated it, because all it showed was a probability of my actual speed. While moving along with traffic on the interstate, it would fluctuate between 45 and 85 MPH, in a nice, rhythmic cadence. (Think of a cat watching a ping-pong game, but sped up about 3x.)

    I have never lubed the cable, or done much of anything with it. I took it out of its drive in the tranny to replace its cracked rubber boot, because I don't think I want any water going in there. I didn't see anything wrong with that end of the cable, so i just replaced the boot and put it back in.

    I cleaned and lubed lots of little parts on the bike, but never messed with the instrument cluster. The bouncy needle seemed like a minor annoyance, not worth a high position on the priority list.

    ...but I recently noticed it has healed itself. In fact, it's absolutely rock steady at all speeds!

    The bike had not spent long periods sitting. Previous owner put a couple thousand miles a year on her, as far as I can tell.

    The most logical conclusion I can come up with is that this machine is possessed, ala Christine. I hope the corroded battery cable fixes itself next, or maybe the scratched up valve covers.

    I want to say the tach was bouncy too, but I may be imagining that. In any case, it is currently very smooth.
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    Mine does the same thing. No sense to it its the second one went crazy a while back bought a new one pos its about 20 miles of at 75 mph german precision engineering get a sigma bike speedo backup
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    Where the hell is Wirespokes these daze?!
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    I used to have a 93 PD and like a lot of others went through this as well. It would bounce, then go quite for a while, then start bouncing again until finally it bounced all the time. Sent it to local instrument repairer who tried a couple of times but it didnt work. In my case there is a silicon oil dampener on the shaft of the needle that is supposed to stop fluctuations but it was leaking and the oil was interfering with the magnet (causing drag every once in a while). In the end I gave up but I believe that there is a couple of people/companys in the US that do repair these - but for the price think about an accessory digital type one - it might be better in the end.