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    I think I would find a different doctor than that hand guy. That sounds like it needs to be fixed.
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    My first ortho guy was a quack, the 2nd one (my pick) was great and did more and different things for all my busted up bits.
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    Wow. Thought I had updated this.

    It's about 18 months later, and I'm AOK, pretty much. It wasn't easy though.
    I had a hard time because my shoulder froze from being stuck in the sling for 2 weeks.
    I went to physiotherapy arranged through my HMO, and they sucked. The first 3 or 4 visits helped get me about 45% mobile, but then I stalled, and had terrible pain trying to move my shoulder further. Now I'm not generally a pussy when it comes to taking a little pain, but I was wasted by this, and over the next ;4 visits they just said " push harder, it doesn't hurt that much".

    At the same time I was getting therapy for my hand at a different place. It was going well, and I was crying the blues to this PT about my shoulder troubles, and he said he could help me, but unfortunately couldn't take my insurance so I'd have to pay him cash. Considering the trouble I was having I figured it was a worthy investment to at least give him a shot.
    I set a appointment to meet him at another office.
    Hooking up with him was a PAINFUL MIRACLE! Of course there really are none, bit this guy knew what he was doing.
    He explained the all the meat and muscle was stuck to my frame from the lack of movement and needed to be broken free.
    I went through 4 or 5 sessions of him clamping his ViceGrip hands on me while having me stretch in various directions and wrenching the meat off my bones. The instant results were amazing. I would pick up inches of extra range in an instant. I would cry in pain, tears running down my face while pulled, and pinched the shit out of me. I would see him once a week, and each time it would take 3 days for the pain and bruises to subside, but overall I got back 95 to 100% of my original range of motion.

    My hand still has a huge bump where the bone sticks up, but it's slowly smoothing down. The tendons stayed pretty tight for nearly a year, but they're just about back to normal now, but if I bump the bump the pain is pretty sharp. Big deal, life could have been much worse. I did see another hand specialist that I was referred to, and he said exactly the same thing as the first guy, that it was close to, but debatable in regards to surgery. He also said that the additional healing time, and scar tissue that would be created would most likely outweighs any benefit from operating on it so I'm glad I didn't.

    As for the bike, it's still sitting broken I hate to say. The Miata made a worthy substitute for being closer to the elements, and "driving" enjoyment so I haven't ridden since. I am starting to feel the itch again though, and actually went to the new bike show lat weekend. I'm looking forward to riding again.
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    I'm a little late to this party and I'm glad everything seems to have healed up but you can wipe with one finger. It might not be a real good wipe job but it is possible:rofl. And I know from experience how much fun a little shoulder therapy can be.
    My therapist said " It really don't hurt all that bad and it'll build some character ".
    He was a lying bastard--on both counts.