N GA Holiday Ride

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  1. bman

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    Sep 28, 2004
    ain't from around here
    Wanted to meet up with the group at Toosy's at 9:00am.
    Left Chattanooga at 7:15 and slabbed south to 136.
    Was going to head up to Toosy's on 400, but by 9:00 I was still around Dawsonville so I had to go to plan B.
    Head north on 9 to Dahlonega and then turn south on 400 to see if I could meet them head on.
    After a half mile on 400 I saw a motley crew of ADVRiders heading my way.
    A quick Uee and I tagged up at the circle.
    Ran some nice trails and got a few suprising looks at our first break.
    "Who are you and where the hell did you come from" was probably on some of their minds.
    Weather was great and had a blast on the ride.
    Decided to split after lunch before the partyers hit the road.
    Got back to the house at 6:15. 323 miles.

    Thank's cbob for the invite and for leading our pack,
    and thank's GreyGhost for keeping an eye on me and showing me some new roads to 52.
    Will have to keep our eye out for Cujo though:nod
    Any time you guy's want to repeat let me know, I'm in:thumb
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    Sep 28, 2004
    Cumming GA
    Cbob, nope never hit the dunes in Albany. I have heard they are a hoot. I went to college in Valdosta, roomed with 3 guys from Albany. Nice weather down there last few days...it was sunny and 75 when I was there.