n00b question- best practice for fuel valves

Discussion in 'Airheads' started by Trials/Rider, May 22, 2013.

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    Aug 12, 2008
    hey dm635-- I actually just bought 2 new fuel taps, fuel line, and the screen tubes... all told with shipping to italy it was like 100euros. After 35+ years, i figure that is pretty good lifespan. I started by removing the fuel taps, seeing they looked like clogged up shit, and then pulling them apart to rebuild them... it is pretty easy, but when i really started to look at mine, the time it would take, and the fact that all new units are really not that expensive... i just went for the new. This way I have the comfort in knowing that this part of the bike is completely dialed for (hopefully) another 35 years.

    This actually makes me think of a separate topic that could turn into its own thread... or at least a roundtable discussion with a bunch of airhead monkees-- and that is: when do you make the decision to rebuild something or just throw it out and buy new? Obviously, if money is a factor, granted. But other than that--is it worth the piece of mind knowing that the bike is getting slowly MORE reliable than stock, or is it better to "stick with what works", knowing that ze'germans were always right. (if you dont believe me, just ask them!)

    some initial topics here could be: rebuilding fuel taps, points or electronic ignition, original wiring harness or updated/simpler, airbox and aircleaner modifications...

    alright, anyway--this is where i bought the fuel taps: http://shop.siebenrock.com/index1.php?site=0001&sprache=en
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    The rebuild kits come with all parts. I had an o-ring come apart on the left side when disassembled. I feel that is most likely the part causing the intermittent drip. Kit comes with orings, disc's & the screen with another seal. Also ordered an owners manual.