Nashville & environs - the official "it's not a motorcycle thread" thread!

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    Sandy Eggo

    In September-ish, the Fambly Who Must Be Obeyed will be in wunnerful Nashville, TN for 10 days.

    We get 5 days of slack to go anywhere we want in the rental cage before we have to be back in Nashville.

    What's interesting is most of the south and east states are about a day away.

    If you had 5 days and $500 ($1000?), what would you do with yourself and your brood? I'm thinking civil war stuff, Opryland... New Orleans (anything to see there yet?), Key West, ???.

    Kids are used to road trips, just don't want to spend every day knocking out 700 miles or more. :norton

    We're in SoCal, so beaches aren't necessarily a novelty, nor is Disneyworld anywhere near in budget (plus 2 of the 3 were there last year for national cheer competition).

    What should I see so I don't get back and have someoen say "You should have seen _______ while you were there!!"

    Appreciate your input!!
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