near Washington in the sierra nevada

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    Hey folks, we did a day trip yesterday.
    No bike cam action in this one, but lots of scenic shots...

    description below;

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    On Saturday we took the street legal trail bikes up to the chalk bluff stagging area and unloaded.
    Highly overcast, my fingers got numb as we used highway 20 for 5 miles to get to the Bowman lake road, and climbed up high to Grouse ridge. Like Mr Freeze I used the warmth from my motor to heat up those frozen riding fingers.
    It's been 30 years since I went to Grouse ridge. We were welcomed to the ridgetop with a strong breeze and overcast skies devoid of direct sunlight, with a 360 degree view of our surroundings.
    Easily visable was the new fire that had cropped up near bullards bar, yet the smoke was traveling NE and not obscuring our vision or clogging our lungs.
    We did a bit of exploring in the back woods finding a back way to Lindsey Lake. Found a logging crew in action near mooney creek and made a trip to Feely/Carr lakes.
    (a zoo full of day hiker activity)
    Back out at the Bowman rd we went the rest of the way to Bowman lake where during our stop over the sun emerged and the tempature rose above 60 degrees.
    A jump up onto the Graniteville road and a left down the Washington road provided us with what looked to be many a hillclimb. Off the main road there were many opportunities to go right up the side of the hill. I took one to it's top to find it interconnected with other routes that ride the ridgetop as an alternative to the regular dirt road.
    Alas they were too dusty for us to ride together on with out waiting for the air to clear. These wonderful challenges will have to wait until first rain to further explore them.
    We continued down to the town of Washington where there was many a tourist at the river.
    I asked Dave if he wanted to stop for a refreshment when he exclaimed that he'd prefer returning to the truck at chalk bluff. We did so on the Alpha road which is a thrilling up hill journey all the way back to highway 20.
    A great day ride of near 70 miles that wont soon be forgotten.
    Some of which is captured here in this youtube video. Please find yourself some enjoyment in it.

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    Aug 16, 2002
    Nice ride, thanks for the video and report :thumb