Need a new chain/sprocket setup in Punta Arenas & a mechanic in Ushuaia

Discussion in 'Latin America' started by arooni, Mar 19, 2013.

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    Hi everyone!

    I finally made it to Ushuaia!

    Now I'm looking for two things:
    1) A mechanic in Ushuaia that can let me borrow the tool to tighten my steering bearings, or do it for me.
    2) A place in Punta Arenas where I can buy a high quality DID chain and sprocket set (and have it installed) for my V-Strom 650. My chain has 36,000km on it now and is deformed as one part is tighter than the other... and I'm on my last adjustment mark on the swing-arm.
    2.5) If the steering bearings are shot, ideally a place to buy those in Punta Arenas.

    Many thanks in advance! And thank you to everyone who was patient enough to answer my noob-ass questions as I turned this trip from a dream into reality. Thank you ADVRider!
    Here's what I posted on Facebook and I thought I'd share it here as well since I don't have a ride report and this forum has been so helpful to me in making the journey happen and arriving here safely.

    "Finally made it to Ushuaia, Argentina from Seattle Washington, USA today, March 18th, 2013. 576 days since I started, 1 year, 6 months, 26 days. I've visited 14 countries (all of Central America plus Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile & Argentina).

    In terms of the bike: I drove about 26,500 miles which included 2 front tires, 4 rear tires. 6 oil changes. Fell off the bike about 30 times. Luggage rack broke and re-welded 5 times. The transmission died on an off-road road in Mexico and trucked to La Paz where it was replaced. Battery died and replaced in Bolivia.

    All my electronics broke in one way or another (Kindle screen, laptop hard drive, GPS buttons, cell phone screen, camera died, Chinese GoPro video cameras died).

    This has been the trip of a lifetime. I am so lucky to have had this opportunity to see so much of the world on a motorcycle. I'm I've met amazing people.

    I've eaten amazing food (tacos, asados, estufados, cochanita pibil in Mexixo).

    And I've pushed myself to do new things I've never done (climbing Cotapaxi in Ecuador at 5890 meters, 11 days in the Bolivian jungle, 8 days trekking in the mountains of Peru on the Huayhuash trek), and serving as a deckhand on a sailing vessel through all the locks of the Panama Canal.

    Now I'll be headed home on Rosie the V-Strom, but first there's there's Torres del Paine, Buenos Aires, Uruguay, Brazil and Venezuela). Here's to the adventures ahead!"
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    To places in Punta Arenas to choose :D

    - Alejandro Lago :

    Phone number: 09 640 1233


    Horacio Zentner Peric
    phone number: 210518
    adress: Quillota 469

    You are in Ushuaia? Go to La Posta Hostel and ask for Hector. He know a reliable mechanic

    PS: I'm in Rio Gallegos (280km from Punta Arenas and 580 from Ushuaia), just in case you need something or just want a beer :evil
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    Be cautious about buying a DID chain down there. I bought one in Argentina that turned out to be a bootleg made in Brazil and was a nightmare, lasted all of 5000kms, it broke twice and ruined the sprockets during that time. The chain had DID/Japan inscribed but it wasn't a real one.

    I ended up finding a genuine EK chain (better than DID imho) in Chile.