Need ch150 cowling

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    Apr 10, 2012
    At about 3:45am I awoke to a noise it was a man who had just broken out my front door glass and was in my dining and room stealing my laptop. I ducked back into the bedroom and grabbed my shotgun in those few seconds the burglar dropped my laptop and dove headfirst out of the front door destroying my storm door and getting away. What does this have to do with my needing a new cowling and rubber bumper for my 1985 Honda. Well I was in the garage at 420 after dealing with the police I had a peice of plywood to cutin order to cover the broken window. The plywood was leaning aginst the bike while I measured and drew my lines, made the first cut just fine made the second right through the plywood and the cowling. Dumbass. So I am just wondering where I can find a blue cowling and the rubber parts, any help would be appericated.
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    May 19, 2010
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    DUDE... ... ... WHAT!?!??!

    The CH150 is a relatively common bike, and they are being parted out on a regular basis on eBay. It took me three months to find a replacement visor for my 150, so just keep searching eBay. You'll find what you need.