Need Help with 990 Fuel Hose

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    BC (before cancer), in July, I bought a new to me 2008 990 Adv. Rode it a little before treatments started and during the time that I didn't have the strength to ride so I fiddle farted around with the bike in the garage. The bike did have a little hesitation on acceleration so I wanted to change the fuel filter. I did an oil and fuel filter change and I'm impressed how well KTM parts fit, not like some other bikes I had. So, after removing the left side tank I noticed a space in the upper fairing where something used to be. This isn't a problem since it doesn't seem to affect anything. Then, toward the front cylinder I saw a black hose that at first appeared to be a vent or overflow hose. It looked like someone had crimped it and just stuck it up underneath the tank. So when I put the bike together I put the mysterious black hose and routed it down like an overflow should be. The bike lost the hesitation so I thought I had solved the problem with the new fuel filter. The first time I filled the bike I had gas gush out of the hose and then drip in the garage. Obviously this isn't an overflow hose. So I crimped the mysterious hose and it took care of the fuel leak but the bike started to hesitate under acceleration again.

    So I have two questions;

    1. what is this hose, where does it go or what should I do with it?

    2. what causes the bike to hesitate under acceleration?

    Thanks in advance for any help.
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    Your description is a little vauge.

    Sounds like it could be a couple things.

    Do you have a hose connecting the tanks that is routed above the air filter box?

    There is another hose that routs around the headstock of the bike that is connected to each tank up high.

    Go here:

    Find you make and model under the micro fisch or the closest year to yours available and look up the Charcoal Canister it has all the hoses