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    So the wife is getting a bug to move to N Georgia, loves the roads and hopefully milder winters. We currently live in CO at 8000 ft and get some harsh winters in which we cannot ride. We have a home on 35 acres that backs to Nat. Forest, we can ride, hike, and hunt out the front door. We both love riding, recently sold the business and ready to put some miles on.
    How are the summers, hot & humid?
    Winters, ice, snow?
    Trails off road?
    Tell me why you like or dislike living in N Georgia, Dalonghea or Hiwassee areas.
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    Summers hot and humid but in the mountains it is tolerable.

    Winters are mildish. This January was harsh by our standards, never really got above freezing here in Clayton (Hiawassee) Plan on about 3-5 snow "events" a year where the schools close and all the milk and bread disappears from the shelves. It is usually over by lunchtime but sometimes can last as long as 2-3 days in which the National Guard is deployed.

    Most all of the off road riding is locked down. There are a lot of forest roads that are legal to ride. If you are thinking of a plated dirt bike then get one in CO and transfer the title before you get here.

    Georgia just started a new law this year where the tax the shit out of anyone moving here. You will pay tax on every vehicle you bring here so if you have nice stuff it will cost you thousands.... :deal

    Other than that the roads suck and the people here are assholes. :lol3

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    That's one of the reasons I waited as long as I could to change my residency from FL. It ended up costing about $1000 to register my 3 bikes-they essentially charge you sales tax on the bikes again-bastards...

    On the other stuff-you can ride about 9-10 months if you are a normal human being but some hard heads go year round. I live around the Hiawassee area so there are unlimited areas to ride within a 50 mile radius off road and these are some of the best roads on the eastern side of the US to get your pavement groove on.

    So to sum it up-STAY AWAY:evil
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    Don't forget the A in Hiawassee!
    Property tax is cheap.
    Harsh winters at 8000ft sounds like snowmobile fun to me!
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    Your wife has clearly lost her mind. Gently talk her off this ledge before she jumps.

    If she still insists, let me know. Maybe we can trade homes.
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    Interesting, I was looking at NW Ga. as a retirement option, based on some of the tax advantages. That's a tax that hadn't come up on my radar.
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    North Georgia has riding pretty much year round, but there are occasional spans of time when it is just too cold or it is snowing/icing. Not a whole lot of snow generally, maybe 3-5 inches here and there. March-November is spectacular riding though, and the temps are usually quite mild. If it is going to be a really hot day, you could just head into the higher elevations of N. Carolina for your riding and stay comfortable.