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Discussion in 'Thumpers' started by Big-K, Apr 23, 2013.

  1. Big-K

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    Aug 7, 2008
    Kaysville, UT
    Need some advice on KTM thumpers, need some cool-aid drinkers to chime in with some info.:1drink

    Looking for a 525/530 or possibly 450 in either EXC or XCW trim, primarily for mixed mountain / desert enduro riding in Utah and Wyoming. 190lb, 5'11" rider.

    Any suggestions as to what years are best or are to be avoided?

    Better to put a street legal kit on an XCW or just pickup an exc? What are the pros / cons of each?

    Major power or reliability difference between 450-525-530?

    Looking for the best combination for under $5k on the used market.
  2. Scoutin Wyo

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    Sep 20, 2012
    I picked up my 2006 525exc last summer for $4500 with lots of goodies already installed. You will love the 525 530 or 500 for your describes riding. The 450 will be great too. Search RFS motors on ktmtalk for the low down. Not sure how hard it is to plate in UT but WY is simple. Have horn (mine doesn't) mirror, headlight, taillight/brake and your golden.
  3. davesupreme

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    May 1, 2011
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    i gotta '06 450 SMR that i've dirtified... i really like that bike!... the SX/SMR models around that year had the titanium valved heads, and those are sweet!... except that pre-'06, they had bronze guides and they grenaded real fast, so don't do one of those, unless you wanna wrench some and fix the head....those bikes will really rev..... the RFS motors are great, real simple, easy to work on.... i've messed w/my buddy's '10 450 Six Days, and it's a different animal, but it's pretty sweet too....

    biggest thing i've seen so far, is that i don't like my close ratio gear box, and would rather have the wide ratio for enduro style riding.... though my close ratio box was the bomb when it was set up SMR style, so....

    and then re-spring the thing for your weight... the rear non-linkage shock is real particular about spring rate and sag.... just dialing the thing down to get the correct rider sag w/a too soft spring will make it really harsh, and too soft on the front will be crazy in sand.... at least in my opinion....

    and i don't care what all the squids say, but..... you put a cush hub on one of these bikes, and it's totally sweet.... gonna cost a couple of $$$ depending on how you do it, but it totally transforms the bike if you're gonna ride on anything hard like asphalt, rock, etc.....