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Discussion in 'Battle Scooters' started by grecojas, Apr 13, 2012.

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    The challenge is always going to be sorting out what you 'need' from what you 'like'.

    The guys who've already posted have all given you great options for a variety of awesome bikes, from scooters to dual sports, sportbikes and naked bikes. All of these have followings of fans.

    The fact that many (most?) of us have more than 1 two wheeler shows that there is no perfect vehicle for all purposes.

    Your highest satisfaction will come when you find the sweet spot of the type of vehicle that you really love to be on, and that checks off all the basic needs that it has to fulfill, whether that be price, fuel economy, seating position, carrying capacity, ease of maintenance, handling, speed, looks, etc.

    There are no wrong answers here. However, there may be vehicles that are not as suited for YOU as others are. A lot of people on this scooter section of ADV are here because we've gone the big bike route and have found that scooters fill a very good niche in our riding needs. What's right for you is what's right for you. Good luck in your research.
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    Genuine Stella 2T.
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    Apr 22, 2011
    Thank you all so much for the replys. I think most of you are right and a scooter is not what im looking for. I love the styling of the Vespas and Piaggios, but as I've often had to do before I need to take function over fashion. Thank you all again.
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    Buy used. Buy cheap.

    Buy small. And have an exit plan with every purchase.

    You're a new don't know what'll trip your trigger. Some folks like the riding ease of the touring's the two-wheeled equivalent of a Chevrolet Cavalier with automatic and cruise control. An easy ride, IOW - you're not worrying about gears and RPMs and shifting; you're riding; you have luggage space, the CVT takes care of the drive.

    Other folks like the man/machine connection with a fast cycle. It's there, brazen, naked...MACHINE. Get on it, feel the clutch ease out, run through the gears, confident that you control this power and pleased that you can outrun cages, in speed or by gas pumps.

    Some folks like little bikes. They're damned responsive and a BLAST to ride on country switchbacks. Others like the Gold Wing type of touring...all that weight translates to comfort and stability on the long ride.

    So...LOOK AROUND! Buy cheap and beat-up. You're experimenting; you won't get a lot of test-rides, so buy what you can afford to take a loss on. And when you latch on the sweet spot, go for new THEN - not until.
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    Standard Bikes:

    Suzuki GS500F
    Ninja 500
    Kawasaki ZR7-S (decent, air-cooled 750cc standard) nice ones can be found for just over 2 grand

    Dual Sports:
    KLR250 (one of my favorite all-time bikes)

    Honda Elite 250
    Honda Helix
    Honda Reflex
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    I'd own that cm400a if it was near me.
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    Pushing him back the other way, eh? :wink:
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    Here's an idea (and what I did). If you are semi-mechanical then buy a chinese 150. you can get one for cheap. I paid $900 for my first one in the crate and sold it 3k miles later for $950. They have to be worked on, but are great fun and fairly reliable---plus they are easy to pass your test on!

    If you don't use it sell it. If you do, sellit and upgrade. if you buy one used you can get them for $500.
  9. RattleCanRacer

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    Mar 25, 2012
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    If you want a scooter get an elite 150 or 250, I have a 150 (same one) now for 20 years and had ridden many 250's, stay away from chinese and rivas, stick to the elites. The XL500 as mentioned is great, I have one of those currently, not quite the overall greatness on the street (super vibey at speed and tall) as the CM400, man I'm stressing it again, buy one for $700-$1000, You don't sound like a Real Dipshit around a tool box and they are CHEAP and GREAT to work on and save your money to make that one the way want it or once you figure it out get something else, it's only $700. I'm telling you they are dead nuts reliable and you will have plenty of fun on it, it moves pretty damn well. It makes a GREAT CAFERACER and for a couple Hundo you can make it into one and sell it for $1800 to some Hipsters. If you start with a SCOOTER I guaranty you, you will ALWAYS want a MOTO, if you buy a MOTO you might not even want a SCOOT. Remember also you can ride your Much Fairer Half on the MOTO, you will look like a couple of Squid Terds on the scoot. I always have had a scoot in my collection because it's just super practical, for $2000 I KNOW you can get a CM400 and a Elite 150 if you want.

    I just got an Elite 150, running and registered for $300 and a CM400 running and registered for $700. Go cheap and buy something of this ilk until you get a better Idea of what you really want. There are many years of a learning curve in your future to figure out what is best for you. I had an BMW K75 for years and I thought it was the greatest thing ever, now I wouldn't even mount that top heavy, box of rocks transmissioned piece of crap.
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    Since you mentioned dirt experience and you are almost 6', I would think a KLR 650 would be just the ticket. Even with years of experience and lowering my old KLR, I just couldn't get used to it. However, it did EVERYTHING well. Now don't get me wrong, you can't go screaming down the trails like you can a CR, but if you have the legs and some dirt riding in your past, it would be worthy off road. I thought it was great on the road. Short commutes to epic long rides would be in comfort and I seemed to consistently get 50mpg or better.

    If I was your height, the KLR would still be in the garage. As it is, I want a DR650. I think a small scooter is a great 2nd ride but a motorcycle would be my first choice. You may have to up your $2k to $2500 or even $3K. It can be done at $2k but you don't have nearly as many choices.
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    I don't know if the op is still following this thread or not, but I think a 150 or maybe even a hot 125 might work. I basing this somewhat on the fact that I grew up in Clarksville TN. It's changed a lot since i lived there, and I'm not sure which way the op goes to get on base, but one of the major roads leading to base is a lot of stop and go, 45ish mph traffic, esp. during rush hour. Then when your on base, it's a lot (unless it's changed) of 25 and 35 and those speeds are strictly enforced. i could imagine a scooter being kinda perfect for clarksville/fT campbell.
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    Just off the Warrego, S.E. Queensland
    I first took to the road - powered that is, by a motor rather than pedals - in 1967, aboard a Honda C65 Supercub which had a top-end of 45mph. For the next 24 months (or so) that was my own limit speed-wise.

    some Supercub history

    so the 65cc was the FIRST Supercub with OHC!

    more about the Supercub

    and the C65