needle bearing in oil pan

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    And as far as interchangeability goes the timing chain tensioners will both work on either type chain? I'm putting a question mark there because I haven't got one to look at but nobody said I couldn't so I guess I'll have to try and compare them myself, if this ever comes up.

    If I remember the directions for installing the pins. The hole for the pin is drilled in several steps so the pin is an interference fit and the Aluminum of the web is crushed with a punch, the factory used a square punch, I think a small chisel will work also. The "stake" is to prevent the pin falling out. If there is not enough metal for this in the old place the pin was then put it in another place. I've never done this but think that would be the way.

    A small bolt held in with Red Locktight might be better but I'll wait for some expert to tell me how that works, how to properly install it.

    I don't see much problem with the pin. The OP's pin was not properly staked at the factory so it fell out. The problem when rebuilding the lower end of the engines is selecting the proper bearings for the size crank you have.