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  1. R1mon

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    Mar 30, 2013
    A friend and I are planning a trip from The Netherlands to Shanghai this summer and we are investigating the possibilities to travel through China.

    We already found out that it is hard to arrange all paperwork for travelling with foreign motorbikes in China. However It is possible as long as you put some money on the table!

    You may say why go to china there are so many more countries in Asia which are far more easy and cheaper to enter... Well a friend of us emigrated to Shanghai and we are going there to drink a cup of Tea. I our opinion there is no better way than doing this by bike (no discussion possible)!

    I would like to know if there are other people around how are willing to join us crossing china. Our global plan looks as follow:
    From the beginning of June get as quickly as possible to turkey (all in between we will see on another trip) than into iran and through the stan's by Pamir highway arriving in the beginning of August in Kyrgyzstan
    From there we would like to enter China by Irkehstam and then cross China by Tibet towards Shanghai, for a duration of 30-35 days.
    In case this will not be feasible due to cost, the plan is to continue traveling into Mongolia to cross into China by the Erenhot pass somewhere mid September.

    We know that one guy is planning on traveling to Laos from Irkehstam and another one is planning to directly entering Pakistan...

    If someone is interested please let me know!
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    Jan 31, 2013
    Cruisin' China since '89..
    G'Day, all the best of luck for your trip and adventure, enjoy the ride over and do get in touch once you make it to Shanghai, might be around "the big smoke" to meet upÂ….
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    Mar 30, 2013
    We have update our plans! Currently the plan is to drive to Mongolia and cross the border to China around the 19th of September this year! We drive our bikes to Tianjin (5-6 days), from there we will ship the bikes back to the Netherlands.
    We will stay in China for two more weeks after that.

    More detail on our route can be found on

    Is there someone interested in sharing cost for the Chinese guide?
  4. daviddong

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    Oct 6, 2013
    I am sorry not be interested in sharing cost for Chinese guide, I want be the Chinese guide.
    I visited your website, I saw the route from the map of your website, it looks like you will enter China at Erlianhot(if the map is correct), and ride bike to Tianjin. I count the distance, it about 860 KM from Erlianhot to Tianjin port. I guess it will cost 1.5 to 2.5 days by motorcycle. So I wonder how many days do you guys need a guide in China?
    Thanks and good luck.