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    Baja Ho put link up to my rr..I missed a good hot spring by Diana's Punch Bowl.There are hot springs scattered across Nevada.Countdowns Smts tracks work good.If you are riding a big GS style bike the nevada aaa map is good.The sandwich counter in the gas station/mini mart at Carver's has good sandwiches.Black Rock dry lake can really suck if it gets wet.I had to carry my mtn bike after it rained at a burning man event a few years back.The muck will completely lock your wheels up.It can snow in nevada in the summer above 7-8000'-so you should have extra layers handy.
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    Great info and of course pics.
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    Don't take the roads for granted. I high sided through a silt pit on Jungo Rd on Saturday. I was cruising at 50mph, entry speed was probably down to 40mph through the first one, and probably about 30mph when I hit the second larger one that took me down. I fared ok, the bike took some dings, but I can replace those parts. It was a good dose of reality that cooled out jets for the rest of the trip. If you don't know the road, don't be complacent about it.
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    Good point. I rode through several sections of silt on the "original" Pony Express Route in June north/east of Eureka. I didn't look down and kept my eyes straight ahead and could feel the silt coming almost up to my knees as my front wheel plowed through it. I was on my 1989 BMW Bumble Bee R100GS and I think the silt was as deep as my axles. I could see it coming so didn't get surprised by it but I was still puckered up pretty good riding through it.

    We had to space ourselves far apart while riding through it because of the large cloud of dust it threw up. I try to avoid silt but sometimes you can't.

    Regrouping after the silt: