New Baja Designs LED light question... sparkies, I need your help!!

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by amockalypsenow, Feb 17, 2014.

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    So can anybody tell me what the best way of running a high power dc light on an 1983 xl600r is?

    The stock xl600 stator system is AC for the CDI with a dedicated stator pole, AC for the headlight with independant, dedicated stator windings, and a DC system with a dedicated portion of the stator with regulator/rectifier charging system for only driving the road legal necessities like turn/brake/tail/instrument lights and the horn. They use a very small battery that has its own nook on the side of the air box, under a side cover.

    regulator/rectifier it? Rewind? I want it to be dependable...

    ricky stator?

    The light I want to use is the Baja Designs squadron xl-r driving light.

    Any suggestions much appreciated.


    Anybody got any intel on this?

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    Finding the wiring for that bike is going to be tough, if Ricky Stator offers wiring or a stator, that's the way to go. Ricky Stator is a quality company with reliable products. And if you do find the wiring that you need and can get you a discount when your ready to purchase your Squadron XL-R. Good luck, and thanks for your interest in our products- Christian