New F800GS (soon to be) owner

Discussion in 'Parallel Universe' started by Mtl_Biker, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. Mtl_Biker

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    Jun 22, 2011
    Montreal, Canada
    Hello Everyone,

    I've just placed my order for a 2013 F800GS with lowered suspension. It's scheduled to be built in October or November and I'll have it for the start of our season here in Montreal in spring. I would appreciate your suggestions about what farkles to get as well as any other tips.

    This bike will supplement my K1300GT (which I'm not getting rid of!) and will be used mainly to commute to/from work daily (on paved roads) but with some off-road stuff thrown in on weekends. I don't have any off-road experience yet, but I'm anxious to get into it.

    I'm partial to the Zega Pro panniers and top box (I often carry camera gear and other stuff) and could use advice on other items. Like what to get in terms of:

    Skid plate
    Engine protection bars
    Hand guards (I have Barkbusters on my K1300GT)
    GPS mounting plate (for my Zumo 660)
    Additional lighting
    Headlight protection
    better (higher) windshield (I had a Calsci on my Tiger 800 and liked it)

    Has anyone installed a Stebel horn on the F800GS? Is there room somewhere?

    Any other options I should be looking at?

    Thanks very much!
  2. picard

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    Oct 9, 2005
    The Front Range, Califrado
    Hi Mtl,

    Get ready for many answers and about as many opinions.

    I have the BMW skid plate, works fine and is solid, but is not flat at the bottom so I have to shim it when I lift the bike on my Sears hydraulic lift (not a big deal but there may be better choices for that)

    I have the Touratech bars with extensions - liked the fact that they mount to the frame. They are a little bit more work to put on though.

    I have the OEM hand guards, I can say from experience that they are very sturdy. Wind protection is so-so but hey that's what the heated grips are for.

    I use a RAM mount with the Garmin M/C mount wired to the GPS plug.

    I have the Denali II LED lights mounted inside the radiator shrouds and like them a lot.

    I have the BMW touring W/S (liked the extra brace that it comes with for stability and GPS mounting option) but had to get a Laminar Lip to make it quiet (I'm tall and have a tall seat)

    I have a Lexan cover thing, mounted with 3M dual-lock, ordered from somewhere (can't remember) for the headlight. Works good enough.

    No experience with horns. Sorry.

  3. machinebuilder

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    Jun 6, 2008
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    Read the stickeys
  4. GH41

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    Oct 19, 2011
    Can I ask why you ordered the lowered F800 instead of the 700 considering your intended use for the bike? Anyway...
    I like the SW Motec crash bars. They are priced right and offer good protection.
    The factory plastic skid plate is probably OK for mild off road use and it comes on the bike.
    I have the factory hand guards. I can't see much difference between the many brands.
    I use a Z-Tecknic mount for my Montana. It is expensive but much stiffer (in my opinion) than the Ram option.
    I don't ride at night or behind other bikes so I can't help with lighting or light guards.
    I would try the stock windshield before considering other options.
    I would also look at other pannier options. The Z pros are fine if you need that much room but they are 40" wide.
  5. Mtl_Biker

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    Jun 22, 2011
    Montreal, Canada
    A bunch of reasons... I didn't like the cast wheels. I didn't like the fact that an 800cc bike was called a 700 (or 650 for that matter), and I didn't think it would have enough highway grunt for me. (It would have been noticeably slower than the Tiger 800 I just sold), and my dealer told me that aluminum panniers were NOT available (probably would be, but not from BMW), and I didn't like the front forks compared with the F800GS.

    Now, just because I intend to use the F8 to commute to/from work on paved roads, doesn't mean I don't also want to get more into off-road riding and I just think the F8 is more capable in that regard.

    From my research I too like the SW-Motech engine bars. Also their skid plate. I'm thinking of ordering all this stuff before I take delivery of the bike and to have it powder coated some interesting color (that'll go well with the blue bike). I kinda like the yellow bars, etc. that the Twisted Throttle folks have put on "Teach's" bike (check out their Youtube videos). I'll probably go with Barkbusters hand guards (have them on my K1300GT and quite like them) and will add the Kaoko throttle control to it.

    I'll certainly be trying the stock windshield (after all the bike will be delivered with it) but I wasn't at all happy with the stock windshield on my K1300GT (I switched to a V-Stream) or on my Tiger 800 (where after trying stock, large touring and CalSci - ended up with the CalSci). So I'm really happy to hear what others have found works well (understanding that screens can be quite personal).

    As far as panniers go, I no longer have my Tiger so can't measure how wide they were, but they were wider than the ones on my K1300GT which are about 37". (And each holds 34 litres.) The three extra inches for the Zega Pro doesn't really bother me as when I need panniers I need space and probably wouldn't be using them off-road (much). But do you have a make/model you recommend for the F8? There are SO many choices and so many claims by the manufacturers it's hard to figure out what's what.

    Thanks for your comments!
  6. montanaman

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    Oct 30, 2003
    I've had my 800GS for two years. Love the bike. I had the dealer sell me the BMW varios and they were fine for awhile but after a "get off" or two off road I broke the mount and switched to the Jesse safari pannier system. I think they are solid, look good and I prefer a top loader.

    +3 on on the Motech crash bars.
    Barkbusters for me. Work great. adjustable hand protectors..
    Metal Mule radiator guard ( I do take mine off road a lot.)
    I have the Best Rest headlight guard.. ( I like the plexiglass version)
    Moto Overland tail rack..
    kreiga soft bags..

  7. grndzr0

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    Feb 19, 2010
    Sw motech bars

    Bark busters or highway dirt bikes hand guards

    MOD or black dawg skidplate

    I like the caribou luggage. Pelicans have a lifetime warterproof warranty, paniers do get beat up. Plus Roger is great to work with.

  8. CheckerdD

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    Apr 30, 2005
    Dave Rankine, Reno NV
    Take a look at the thread at the top of the first page. "Thread Index." There is a lot of info there that has been discussed in detail before you. Dave.
  9. Manventure

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    Aug 16, 2008
    I did waaaaaay too much research before I farkled up. As a matter of fact I should have used that time for riding......

    That said, I would recommend the following and haven't been disappointed by any of them and trust me, I crash A LOT.

    Engine Guard - SW Motech
    Skid Plate - MOD
    Rear Rack - MOD
    Headlight Cover - Altrider Lexan jobby
    Front fender extender - Avant 12 (got mine from Advdesigns)
    Handguards - Barkbusters

    Carrying Shit:
    Luggage - Zegas will be fine, personally I have the Varios (came with the bike) but will be switching to some Wolfman softies for next offroad season
    Dry Bag - Get a big ass Wolfman Expedition Dry Bag to throw over the Roto and MOD.
    Fuel - Get a Rotopax adapter and 1.75 Gal jug for your MOD rear rack
    Tank Bag - If you aren't going to be off road much I like the Wolfman Rainier or whatever that big ass one is. If you are, don't get a tank bag as it will get in your way as you lean in on the pegs. Get a map pocket instead.

    New Footpegs - Pivotpegz 2
    Folding Shift Lever - Touratech
    Rear Brake Pedal Enlager - Touratech
    Side Stand Foot - MOD
    Clutch/Brake Levers - Pazzo

    Lights - Have Denali 2's, love them, but would probably go with something by Rigid Industries next time.
    - Mounted on a mounting plate by Kidala, an inmate here
    Fairing/Screen - Brittania Composites Mirage 2

    Tool Kit - Start with the Advdesigns premium kit and put it in the.....
    - Tool Kit Holder - Skid Plate toolbox - MOD
    Pump/Tire Kit - Again, liked the Advdesigns pump and patch kit for tubed tires (I have the tubeless one)
    Electrical connectors/convertors - Burns Moto, I would recommend an adapter from a powerlet to a cigarette lighter and then a USB adaptor for that. Also, wire a 2nd Powerlet direct to battery for your pump. You can decide if you also need a SAE for a tender and/or an adapter for heated clothing.

    Snatchy Throttle?:
    I got the mod by High Tech Coonass or whatever he goes by. I like it. Just search and you will find him soon enough.

    And yes, there are a few threads in the sticky about your horn. Survey appears to say keep it out of the weather as much as possible for the longest Stebel life.

    There. You are now adventure ready and you didn't waste all the time I did.