New Gaerne G-Midland Adventure Boot

Discussion in 'Vendors' started by Brtp4, Jul 27, 2011.

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    Mar 2, 2009
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    The GX 1 -evo will be the ticket.
    Choice is now: size 46 or 47? Had both sizes on my feet.
    Shoe size is 46 with orthopedic insoles en thin socks.
    I read gaernes are a little roomy, so Q is: will 46 be ok with orthopedic soles in place of the orginial insole + thicker socks
    should i take 47 with originale insole left in place + orthopedic soles + thicker socks. Or will this be too much sole?


    Jun 5, 2009
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    Am I a genius or what ? First I called Brian & got the straight skinny on the new Gaerne -G-Midland boot,went through the whole routine yady-yada yada, went w/ Brians suggestion on fit, ordered and wallla!! boots arrived one day before scheduled delivery date.

    Fit like a glove, no break in, felt like I had them for years. Took off on a loooong ride & experienced no problems in fact these boot felt as good if not better than my really old Penton Hi-Point boots of the seventys(best boot I ever owned by the way)

    So if your on the fence about new boots give these a shot, I'm more impressed with these than I was with the SIDI Adv Rains & that is stretch cause SIDI are an impressive boot.

    Thanks Brian for the excellent advise & making me a genius at boot selection, NOW --about those decals----:lol3
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    Can any Midland owners comment on comfort when standing for the large part of 3-4 hours rides?

    I have a pair of Tech-3's, want to find a better dual-sport boot for general use but find myself standing most of the time when riding off-road.

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    Oct 13, 2011
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    Gary was comparing the Aerostich (Sidi) Combat Touring Boot to the Gaern Balance Oiled, NOT to the G-Midland. They do seem to have a lot in common and I had the same question.
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    Hey Jeff,

    I wanted to "BUMP" this thread because Brian really is the Guru in fittings. He got me to try and wear a smaller helmet,(Arai XD4) and Viola... It fits like a glove and no headaches at all now! And at a smokin' price. I need to check out these boots.

    A big thanks to Brian for all your help!!

    Take care, Eric.
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    Well back in March I had a few detailed phone calls with Brian, and he was able to give me a lot of guidance on boot selection and fitting. I already have a great boot for the serious off road stuff (Sidi Force Flex, basically the old version of the Crossfire), and wanted a boot that would be comfy for a lot of road miles, walking around, and light dirt riding (i.e. just easy dirt roads). In the end it was down to the Balance Oiled and the G-Midland. I ordered both for a side by side fitting, and used Brian's recommendations on sizing based on what I already wear. He nailed it spot on!

    I opted for the G-Midland, even though I wanted to love the Balance Oiled. The Oiled is indeed great for big calfs on big guys, but I am skinny and it just seemed weird on my legs. The G-Midland, while at the smallest end of its adjustment, was a much better fit around my skinny legs. For reference I am 5'11" and 160 lbs). I did feel the toe box was big, so I put in Super Feet insoles for the primary purpose of lifting up the foot bed. Perfect, that did the trick! The boots felt great and I had not ridden on them yet.

    I did not want to post feed back until I got a lot of riding on them. Well now I have been to Alaska and back and have racked up 8300 miles on these G-Midlands.

    All in all, the boots are great. Not much for armor, so don't expect these to save you in gnarly off road stuff. But even riding a big F800GS on easy dirt roads, they provide enough support to give you comfort from a tip over. They are a bit warm in 90-100 deg weather, but what isn't? These ARE Goretex and non vented, so they are as hot as any other boot I've owned. In cold, I was fine riding for a few hours in 38 deg F weather, which included fog, rain, and mud. For a brief moment I could feel a little chill coming through, but they did a good job at keeping me warm, and kept me 100% dry.

    Here are the Midland's covered in muddy slime, on the bottom, on the Dalton Highway.

    The sole is nice and robust, lugged, and comfortable. After my Alaska trip I rode my F800GS into work with my work boots, but I turned around after one block because my feet felt too exposed. I threw on my Midlands, and instantly felt so much better and more comfortable. I will even wear them all day at work, which is a mix of office and walking around a plant, because they are that comfy. With jeans around the outside, they do not stick out too much since the sole and sewn construction looks traditional.

    All in all, a great do it all boot that is very comfy. It will go well in your gear closet with your enduro boot, and your street or touring boot.
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    Oct 21, 2011
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    Ordered another pair of these today from Brian at Atomic-Moto, now my wife and I will have matching boots. :D
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    I just bought a pair of Gaerne G-Midlands from Atomic Moto today too. I have been reading everything about every brand. The opinions I get from this site mean a lot to me. You guys are the "real" riders out there so if you give a item a thumbs up then it is good enough for me.:D

    I would also like to thank Brian for all his comments and in answering many questions so quickly.:clap
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    Jan 20, 2011
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    I have wore these boots probably 7 days and the stitches are letting go the boot is disintegrating on me. Probably not waterproof anymore. Very bad purchase and built quality. :cry The most expensive boots ever 43$ per day!
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    I'm guessing you are suffering from a QA issue. My G-Midlands have been pretty bulletproof for the last 2 years, having gone through MANY offroad spills, rain, mud, etc.
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    What boot are you speaking about and where did you purchase them?