New Guy Here.... South New Jersey Riders?

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  1. n00b

    Oct 13, 2011
    Hi everybody. New to Adventure Rider, looking for anybody in South NJ to hit the trails with. I'm an Air Force guy on a KTM 530 EXC. Need to meet some people who enduro ride and learn the NJ trails.

  2. NJ-Brett

    NJ-Brett Brett

    Sep 8, 2010
    Southern New Jersey
    I don't have a bike at the moment, but you cant go wrong in the pinelands, you always end up coming out someplace before you run out of gas (most times).

    Since I live close, I enter the forrest across from Atco race way, get lost till I come out at Atson lake, cross over 206 and get lost till I come out at Batsto, ride down 542 to Green Bank, have a cold one at Green Bank Inn (dont mind the Harley trash), then get lost in the woods off 563. Sometimes I come out at Chatsworth, sometimes at the Curanza memorial, sometimes at Hedger House (more Harley trash) for another cold one.
    There is also a big area off of rt 72, both sides.
    Warren Grove is an odd place, they practice shooting and bombing things around there using A10's and F16's, but do not hit too many bikers.

    If you have a tag, you can ride anyplace out there.

    Its very popular to people to bring their bikes to the ranger station at Atson lake and ride from there.
    You can also park and unload at Batstow, off 542, bikes, horses, whatever you want to ride.
    Its a big area, with anything you want, as long as it includes sand.
    Water crossings with sand, hills (little ones) with sand, tight firebreaks with sand, wide open dirt roads with sandy spots, very rough whooped out sandy double track, big open sandy area's where you can dodge A10 bullets, swamps with sand, cranbury bogs (sand on the bottom).

    You can often ride all day and not see anyone else.