new guy needs help with 78 suzuki pe250

Discussion in 'Thumpers' started by zetabird, Mar 28, 2013.

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    Mar 28, 2013
    I found this sight stumbling around for somethun unrelated. And figured id sign up. I picked up an old pe250 its m6 first bile of anykind and it kinda ran, my goal is a street legal but untill then I just want it rideable so heres the scoop. One I really have no idea what im doing I rebuild cars but the 2 strokes abit different. I replaced all the wheel bearings seals abd brakes I rebuild the carb but im sure it still needs tuned. It runs fine sometimes othertimes it reves up on its own at idle and dies when you give it gas I was told it could be crank seals and I might aswell replace them and the bearings bit I cant find them online. Another thing is the chain tensioner is missing and im tryi g to make one to fix it. Along with the electrical system putting out 24 volts to the lights but the correct 6 to the cdi box. And anytbing else usefull you guys like sharing and heres a picture of the beast
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    Mar 17, 2013
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    Any two stroke that old definitly needs crank seals.Sucking air thru the ignition side of the crank will make it idle way high and will sieze the motor, sucking from the clutch side you will see a lot of smoke which will foul plugs and run the tranny low on oil.Its always the first thing I address on an old 2 strok,Good luck
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    And you are in a 4stroke forum. You will probably have better luck in ThumperTalk in the Suzuki 2 stroke section. You are going to also need a new muffler. It will never run right with that 4 stroke thing on it, the core size and length is nowhere near correct for the proper backpressure.
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    Thumpertalk sucks , but there is the 2-smokers forum here.