New Guy, questions about the TAT

Discussion in 'Americas' started by Dirty Lloyd, Mar 19, 2013.

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    Greetings all! First, I am new to the forum. Just got a brand new XR650l, still shinny! However, I am not a new rider, I'm returning to the dirt after a 12 years vacation. :wink: Home is South Carolina.

    My first question, planning a trip with friends on the TAT. Looking to do a 3 day ride west, then a 3 day return to the start point. Trying to decide if we should start in Jellico, or start further south in Tennessee? I hear lots of paved roads until you hit western Tenn.? Thoughts? Is the ride from Jellico fun on dual sport bikes? (XR650l,DR650,DR400)

    We will trailer to our start point, leave the tow vehicle, and return to it 4-5 days later. Trying to make the most of our time away, can be in Tenn. quickly via truck on the interstate vs the long back road ride on the bikes. Anybody did the trailer option? Where did you leave your tow vehicle while away on the TAT?

    Thanks for your time! Lloyd
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    I can't help on the TAT, but I have left vehicles for DS rides lots of times.

    If you plan an overnight stay on the first or last day ask the motel. I've had pretty good luck with that, but some want a modest daily charge.

    Some storage facilities will rent you short term space, but it can be pricey.

    Sometimes campgrounds have storage space.

    Check with all your friends and relatives to see if somebody knows somebody in your target area.

    Call an area law enforcement agency and ask for advice. It helps if you are a father/son/sibling etc. of an LEO.

    Use the regional forums here on ADV to see if someone has some space.
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    Find a small airport near where you want to start. Contact the airport manager (the official person, not just some old codger) and ask permission to leave the vehicle in their lot for the week. Offer to donate to their aviation historical society fund. He might just go for it.
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    I live about 1.25hours to jellico and would be glad to let you park at my place! Planning to do the tat this summer too!
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    you'll make the OK/AR border from your starting point.
    If it were me, I'd start in AR and go from there......:D
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    Do you already have your TAT maps? Are you going off old ones? The reason I ask is the TAT officially now starts in Tellico Plains, TN. Maybe you are reading old TAT reports seeing lots of mentions of Jellico and that's where you are getting your info from. However, Sam spent a lot of time fixing and re-mapping sections of the TAT in 2011 and releasing those around 2012. TN & MS Were completely re-worked and there is now the MS Hill Country that is a 2 day loop you can include in. We did the new TN & MS sections including the MS hill country in 2012. We also did the Eastern TAT in 2009 from Jellico to the AR/OK border, so I've done both.

    IMOP, the newer remapped TN & MS especially was much better and enjoyable. There is still a decent amount of pavement in TN, but it was still fun. MS was may more fun and lots of good riding in MS. On the new TAT, you spend way less time in TN and more time in MS.

    If you still want to start in Jellico, the first 250-300 miles were great. The next 200+ miles was a lot of pavement although that section does have the infamous slick water crossings.

    I thought the MS Hill country routes were pretty fun too. On our 2012 trip, we back tracked on the old MS sections from 2009 as we had missed some of that and there is a lot of the old MS that has now been paved that was dirt just a few years ago. I don't think I would want to do the old MS/TN sections.