New "Helo Pad" for the GSLC from Black Dog

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    Black Dog Cycle Works is pleased to announce our new MONSTER-SIZED Helo Pad for the liquid-cooled GS, provides riders with the ultimate way to secure extra gear to their bike.

    Whether you need to haul camping gear, extra fuel, or a WARN recovery winch—this extra-large rear rack can handle it all. We named it the “Helo Pad” because it’s almost big enough to land a helicopter! Hey, you never know when you might need a landing pad in the backcountry....

    Here’s what you need to know about our new Helo Pad:

    These stout plates are made of 1/4″ aluminum, with generous-sized holes around the perimeter for tie down points. Hard anodized in black for a lasting finish with our logo tastefully laser etched.

    This design has several notable unique features and benefits:

    • A solid design that replaces the passenger seat, and occupies the space of our standard Multi-Function Rear Rack.
    • Pre-drilled to carry Rotopax fuel or water containers in 14 possible locations, either lengthwise or across the bike.
    • Pre-drilled to accommodate the WARN XT17 winch carrying plate in two different positions—one towards the front of the bike and another towards the rear (WARN F800GS stow plate model—see related products).
    • Type 2 Anodized black for a durable finish.
    • Generous-sized tie down points make strapping items to the rack an easy process.

    We strongly recommend using ROK Straps to secure items to your rack/bike. We’ve used ROK Straps for years and consider them the safest, most convenient solution.

    Our Helo Pad Multi-Function Rear Rack comes with the ability to mount the RotopaX carriers (for 1, 1.75 and 2 gallon fuel or water containers), as well as the support plate (ordered separately) to carry a WARN XT17 electric winch. Serious adventure riders are quickly seeing the benefit of carrying these lightweight electric winches for recovering a bike off the trail, or simply navigating around an obstacle which would otherwise require a “U-turn” to seek an alternate route.

    For more information or to purchase - please check our website

    Thanks for your continued support.

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