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    :huhHoly shit! It took me forever to login after a hiatus. Seeing that I have an old 70's self induced injury, I couldn't remember how to put in my user name. I forgot there was a "space" between Scooter and Addict. I was saving my last brain cell for retirement. I had to break that MF'er out to login. All is well now and the brain cell is put back in storage for easy retrievel. So this my 4th post and I thought I would share my out of body experience with everyone.

    I sold all motorcycles and was without for quite some time. I thought long and hard cause I don't ride much, and my ol'lady is a fair weather flyer! If there is no fancy motel, no upscale eateries, (I go for the cheap route myself when traveling) rainy days, cold weather, she will not go, you get the picture! So I ended up buying a Honda Reflex 250 to just tool around town. As I started to ride this more and more, I realized that it didn't mind being ridden hard. So I talked her into riding two up from Joplin,MO to Eureka Springs, AR.. She like the fact that is was not fast, as I tend to be a lunatic when I ride, and will race any other 2wheeler even if I know I'll get my ass whooped! :ricky We stopped at Honda of Russellville and she spotted a Burgman650 and we sat on it and she wanted one... So I start searching for a Pearl White one. I found a 2012 650 in PW, 4,300mi and real clean in Bartlesville,OK.. I bought it and then sold my Reflex and made $200 on it. I really miss the 62mpg on the Reflex. I took the Burger out the other day, and I rode it like it was a "rental!" Between 75-100mph for over 100mi and I only got 35.4mpg.. I have mustered up 52.5mpg driving like a geriatric. The Burgman is a pretty refined machine for what it is. Pretty complicated if you want to change engine oil, CVT oil, and differential. Had to put Synthetic in all orifices for piece of mind. Shell Rotella Syn 5w40 in engine and CVT. Put Royal Purple 75w90 in final drive. Put a Clearview tall w/s on and the jury is still out on the performance of it. When the rear tire wears out, I will definately go to the "Darkside." Just to much friggin time taking all the Tupperware apart.

    Anyways I was considering going to the SLAP rally in Ozark,AR.. I just wanted to make sure that some drunk BMW rider didn't see my shiny Pearl White scooter and mistake it for a urinal! It's been quite awhile since I have been to some sort of Rally, or just calling it a Rally to have a reason for my ol'lady to say she's not going and "If you want to go, just fuckin' go." Anyhow I got jacked up on 12/30/13 when I rolled a tractor-trailer. Don't ask, after 30yrs of never crashing a rig, it happened at 0445hr on a dirt road in central Oklahoma. I have one more operation before I am done. Maybe while under anesthesia the Buther can put a couple of new brain cells in? Just a thought!

    Sorry about the novel I just wrote but, when you are couped up all day recovering your mind gets creative!
    So to all on ADV, FYYFF! :huh
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    Thanks for the memories.......:rofl:rofl:rofl

    Best to you and the re-acquisition of your neuron........or "s".........:D
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    You had your sleep study yet? You fall asleep at the wheel:ear
    SLAP is a real nice first rally with loads of good paved riding and tons more unpaved:ricky:freaky
    Welcome back.